Well , I was raised in HAMILTON and a DIE HARD TICATS fan .
I spent Saturday and Sunday enjoying the atmosphere, parties, bands, and events of the Grey Cup in Toronto.

I have to say Toronto did a great job of bringing in excellent Bands and great facilities in the Convention Centre.

What was also excellent was all the people that travelled from the various cities just for the grey cup experience . I think out west they see it as a major league experience and a big deal and traditional party sort of like Octoberfest . Each team was very well represented and friendly to everyone so I got to meet people from everywhere .
I went to the stampeders pancake breakfast noon on Saturday at Nathan Phillips square and that was a blast seeing a lot of western folk and cowboys and better yet cowgirls
Look me up on facebook under Gerry Kretschmer or as I have pictures posted . I will be putting more up on Monday night tonight .

The convention center had TSN live there and lots of alumni and fun games to play . Each team had their own party rooms . all the cheerleaders were there and running around and they had a competition and it was a good show . It was nice to see all the cheerleaders and fans celebrating the CFL together . I was in ticats attire and a lot of people made comments to me taking CFL ..Got a lot of OSKIE WEE WEES ?

It was cool to see everyone dressed up as well in their favourite team colors . I was able to get pictures with Lui Passaglia and talk to him a bit..he was saying he’s played 25 years in the cfl and he still looks good . He is very humble and modest as I introduced him to my girlfriend as a star and legend and he said nah . I also met Damon Allen and got a picture ..I very good guy in that he had to get on stage and was going in pictures until the last possible moment he could have just blown us off .
I was able to participate in a football throw dunk the girl in the tank and I missed . The ball was wet and water logged ..I did not throw much better the Kevin Glenn did yesterday ?

I was a bit disappointed with the ticats party room as there was really no players or no MC and next to no seating essentially a rip off .

I was able to see some cool bands like the Mahones and Spirit of the West and Doug Flutie showed and some fighter planes did a fly by and come pretty low . There were a decent amount of Ticats fans out there .

I spent some time in the beer tents as well and met some people and it was good time . It was a good Canadian celebration overall in our biggest city thing I found off was io’d here “ARRRRGOS …….. AND THEN SILENCE ….I had never heard anything other than SUCKS after argos ?

I want to mention that I throught about the ARGOS and the grey cup and through that RAY trade for virtually nothing was pretty fishy and I imagine Tilmann and Edmonton was given a huige chunk of change under the table to make that deal as why else would they give away a QB in his prime at 33 for Jyles

As for the Game , well Kudos to Barker for getting Milanovich and Ray and recognizing that Kackert was too good to be on the bench . Also, gret move picking up Jones as the Defensive Co-ordinator and great move to bring that middle linebacker MClune over he is a beast ,
The game reminded me of how poor the TIcats Defence is especially our Db’s and Dline .

This turned out to be a real CFL dream year, game in Toronto, Argos in the game, Argos win the game, Argos the champs. With such a great year by the Boatmen they will surly draw 10,000 to 15,000 per game next year. :wink:


Agreed, Toronto did a marvelous job this year. It was actually my first time experiencing the "party" half of Grey Cup week, and I had no idea it would be such a blast.

My sister in law booked a group of us to go to Second City last Saturday night, not realizing then that it would be Grey Cup weekend there (not really a football fan). We had dinner at the Kit Kat club beforehand, and ran into some Calgary fans, complete with the cowboys hats and gear there.

Just walking the streets of T.O, we saw a LOT of fans with their jerseys and caps and banners from ALL the teams. It was fun just experiencing that.

Traffic and parking wasn't really a problem for us in downtown Toronto that evening, even on the night before the Grey Cup and being a Saturday night.

A great night for all!!!!!!!

I think it had something for everyone, we didn't do the parties this time around, but enjoyed walking with the GC from Varsity to the RC yesterday, that was a load of fun and met some great Canadian football fans and others. Fun getting our photos taken by people on Yonge St. who were looking at us like some sort of aliens or what have you but they were interested, so much fun. And played with kids at Varsity in a little pick up game before the march got under way as I brought a sponge ball there. It was awesome and watching Cabbie from TSN do his thing introuducing people, the guy is totally hilarious and full of energy.

Saturday night at TigerTown was the place to be, over 3000 jammed into the convention centre room to see Life of Riley and Pogey rocked the house with some fabulous music,

Pig Skin Pete kept the party jumping, and present players such as Dyakowski, Chris Williams, Marwan Hage Luca Congi, Andy Fantuz, and past players such as Danny McManus, Less Brown, Mike Mihelic, Ex Ticat and now Eskimo Matt Carter Joined the Ticats Fans for an Amazing night :thup:

In addition, Bob Young and some of the Ticats Staff were partying with fans :rockin:

Great Time :thup:

WOW …What time did all this start ?

We were there around 7 - 8 pm and it was dead …and no seats …

i would have preferred if you could go from room to room and party with all the teams fans …

did the players get announced or did youjust recognioze them ?

were our cheerleaders there most of tht time and did they do a cheer ?
were other teams fans or cheerleaders making a visit ?

Around 10. Pig Skin introduced the players and Bob Young Young, they all spoke !
Players from other teams were there like Matt Carter from Edmonton
I didnt see the cheerleaders :cry:

It was later in the evening. Players were announced, went on stage and spoke for a while.

Before and after they hung around having beers and conversations with the fans.

I forgot to mention, Wayne Smith, ex Ticats and current Argo was there, and former Ticat Andrew Grigg.

Can anyone remember anyone else ??

The festivities sounded great - as for the actual game - Here’s what I’ll remember -

  • Being stone cold sober by half time (I was driving).
  • Watching the team I hate the most win a Grey Cup at home.
  • Watching Kevin Glenn have an off night after a career season (visions of the 2011 season).
  • Having to listen to the cheers of newly minted Argo fans (where were you at the Eastern Final?).

This all made for one cranky Cats fan.

The only consoloation was connecting with other Ti-Cat fans on the way out of the Skydome.