The Grey Cup - Calgary Stampeders vs Ottawa RedBlacks

The week that CFL fans have been waiting for all year long is finally here.


Ottawa for the lulz

Go RedBlacks!

If Powell is healthy, I’m taking Ottawa.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Calgary choked again.

The Redblacks are a worthy opponent. If they win, it won’t necessarily be because Calgary chokes.

Is there any possible way that they both lose ? Personally I could care less which one of these teams win .
The REDBLACKS vs BLACKREDS ? Screw them , I hate both of them . The only thing I’ll be cheering for next Sunday is for more ice cold beer , chili and chicken wings .

I guess though if I was forced to choose between these two I would have to plug my nose , get my barf bag ready and cheer for Dave “the Dick” Dickenson and his BLACKREDS . Now with saying all that you’ll have to excuse me while I go and throw up my dinner . :o

Somebody is just a biiiitttt bitter after his Tiger-Cats lost!:o

The Stampeders struggled to win against Winnipeg. The Blue Bombers didn’t have enough offensive playmakers to make a go of it. Admirable job by them considering that they weren’t in Calgary’s class talent wise.

Calgary is going to have to play better against Ottawa. Bo looked like he got a bit dinged up and he has done a masterful job working with a depleted receiving group.

I think Ottawa is healthier and will have the mental edge over Calgary because of the Stampeders recent history in big games.

If Ottawa keeps playing the way they have been they are pretty tough to beat…and no question the Stamps are not at their best. Rodgers back was a huge boost though. If bad Harris shows up the Stamps D has really had his number. I put it on RBs simply because they are hot at the moment and Stamps not.

This will be a colder game for the RBs as well…but it will be fairly nice out.

Redblacks. Why? Because I say so!

Seriously, I can analyse it to death, make prognostications, talk about injuries, scope out the players and all but this is the CFL and anything goes.

I will, however, say this: the Redblacks of 2018 appears to me to be a more powerful and experienced team than the Redblacks of 2016. They have the depth and the players.

I’m just hoping for a competitive, entertaining game.

Calgary 41, Ottawa 19

I guess the NHL Edmonton Oilers didn’t get the memo about GreyCup week in their City
They fired their Head Coach today and brought in Ken Hitchcock

Kinda like the Leafs announcing hiring Babcock the same day that Braley sold the Argos to TSN

Yikes 41-19, me thinks no way, no how. Bo is probably nursing something, 4 receivers on the shelf and our return guy looks like he tore a tendon. 41 points is a lofty goal :o

…and they start the week with a slight edge in the odds:

…I actually don’t mind the horsies going in as the underdog…

Yup, going in as favorites hasn’t been working for them. ;D

That’s not a competitive game. That’s a blow-out and I don’t think it’s going to happen but I would like to see a high scoring game with both offenses at their best.

Third time’s the charm for Calgary. They should win by 14.

I think it will be a close low scoring defensive game. I think Calgary has the better defence and will come out on top (hopefully). :wink:

Here’s a pretty good Grey Cup article from an American perspective: