the Grey Cup : A MAN'S TROPHY

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Watching the B.C. Lions win the Grey Cup last Sunday, we were struck by two things.

First, Manitoba Premier Gary Doer seemed to be having a little too much fun celebrating with the B.C. players. The way he was grinning and jumping up and down, you'd think the Bombers had won the Cup.

Second, we couldn't help but notice what a good-looking trophy the Grey Cup is ... or was, until offensive lineman Kelly Bates decided to snap it in half. Nice going, buddy. Hopefully, this means the Lions will be cursed never to win the Cup again.

But seriously -- compared with the NFL, the CFL honours its champions with way nicer hardware. Any trophy you can hold in one hand -- the World Cup being a prime example -- pales in comparison with one that requires two strong arms, a weightlifting belt and a spotter to hoist over the champion's head.

The CFL: Our balls are bigger - and therefore, our Cups are bigger too!

I agree guys.
Plus you can drink out of the Grey Cup.
Not many sports even have a cup for them to celebrate.

I like the looks of the cup too. I've never really saw what some others have in the newspaper about the Canadian media wanting to bash the CFL but I thought of it when I read an article in the Winnipeg Sun where they said the Cup breaking made the league look like a bush league for the viewers outside the country. I figured who really gives a crap?

Yeah, two strong arms!! I agree, the World Cup is too small, that's why the best soccer trophy (imo) is the UEFA Champions League Cup!

And the UEFA Cup Trophy is okay...

Oh yeah (forgot visual comparison):

Lombardi Trophy

Grey Cup!!!

But when is the CFL going to return the trophy to its rightful owners?

And just who would that be?

The Grey Cup was presented for supremacy in Amateur Rugby and the true owner is the Canadian Rugby Union. If you read the cup it even says so.

The Canadian Football League Championship...the Grey Cup

Earl Grey, the Governor-General of Canada (1904-11), donated a trophy in 1909 for the Rugby Football Championship of Canada. The trophy, which later became known as the Grey Cup, was originally open to competition for teams registered with the Canada Rugby Union. Since 1954, the Cup has gone to the champion of the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Funny thing...everybody seems to forget that the Cup was broken at least 3 previous times...

Lets not forget that everyone who wins the grey cup gets thier name on it, the only name on the Lombardi trophy is Vince Lombardi's.

the NFL championship looks like it was purchased at the same sale as the NBA championship.

Actually The Grey Cup Only Has The Names Of The Last 50 Or So Winners, Everyone Prior To That Resides In CFL Hall Of Fame In Hamilton. Similiar To The Stanley Cup. Now Those Are Two Trophies With Some Harritadge.

By The Way ExPat, You Gave Me A New Signature. And I'm Going Out This Afternoon To Get A T-Shirt Made Up.

I've actually had the privilige of holding both the Grey Cup & the UEFA Champion's Cup as I made the trip to Barcelona this past fall.

I gotta say, they're both very light for their size and look alot heavier than they really are. You can pick the Grey Cup up by the neck (presuming it doesn't snap) quite easily with one hand and hold it over your head.