The Green Bay Packers (re: stadium debate)

This is a community owned, non-profit team. All decisions rendered are by the community and for the community, to best suit the Packers organization. End of the day, I will go where ever the ticats will play in Hamilton and I am sure majority of the ti-cat faithful will follow as well. The Packers are owned by the loving and caring fans of the team. If the black and gold are faithful for this team, legacy, the 141 yr tradition, then would it not make sense for someone with a knack for business to head this up or even be considered? We have one of the most passionate and country wide fan bases in the entire league. There would be no CFL with out the Ticats. Furthermore, we are so passionate as ticat fans, that we tend to think we know what personnel changes need to be made, and should be made. Would it not be amazing if we decided the faith of our beloved franchise? If we decided who we wanted in place. We know what the best interest for this team is, and it does not lay in politics and business, it lays in our hearts. This has been a piece of history in our city, not to mention that we also have the CFL Hall of Fame. Now, if the cats left the hammer, what would happen to the Hall of Fame? A legendary hall of fame in a city without a CFL team. Kiss that goodbye as well.

We can sit here all day and talk about city council, the ti cats organization, etc. But what about us, what about the blue/white collar workers that have something to look forward too with there family and friends?? There are hidden agenda's on both sides. I'm sure some would beg to differ, but my agenda is to watch this team in THIS CITY for as long as i live.

I appreciate everything that Mr.Bob Young has done for this franchise. Last evening, I was listening to CHML 900, and they mentioned on-air that Mr. Young purchased this team in honor of his late brother who was a major tiger cats fan. Now what Mr. Young did for his brother shows heart, being a true brother, and truly out of love. As a business man I understand Mr. Young's position, on the other hand I want the Tiger cats organization to understand this, this team is not leaving Hamilton, this is our team, what we work hard for and whom we follow religiously.


I'll support the Ticats anywhere in Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek, or basically anything within about 30 minutes to an hour of driving (exclude Toronto).However, if the Cats came out and said that they were going to Quebec after the 2011 season, my support would end right here, right now.

Some further interesting info regarding the packers....

Green Bay's metropolitan area is home to fewer than 200,000 people, yet the Packers rank in the top 20% of all professional teams in terms of franchise value. As player salaries have continued to escalate, however, the shareholders in late 1997 decided that more revenue needed to be raised for the team to remain competitive into the future. The 10,000 shares issued in 1950 were split into 10 million shares, 400,000 of which were made available to the public at $200 a piece.

Before the league would approve the sale, however, Commissioner Tagliabue insisted that the $80 million generated go to stadium improvements or toward a new facility; but not toward player salaries. Economically, this insistence means basically nothing, as this new money will simply free up other revenue to be used on players. But it's significant because with the NFL's revenue sharing plan, stadiums, and specifically luxury suites, are the reason for the disparity in income among teams. By insisting that Green Bay's stock revenue be put into a stadium, the league is adding further fuel to the franchise free agency fire that has swept across the league since the Raiders moved from Oakland to Los Angeles in 1984. Unless a city is fortunate enough to have a generous owner with a sense of loyalty to the community, fans and citizens will either be forced to pay up themselves for a new stadium, often unwillingly, or watch their teams leave.

Public ownership, on the other hand, allows for stadium funding to come from those in the community who want to support the team. Furthermore, in cities where the team is a permanent, rooted civic asset, fans and citizens are much more willing to financially support their team. If the fans receive a commitment, they will return loyalty with loyalty, as the fans in Green Bay have overwhelmingly shown.

Winfield, you really think the citizens of Hamilton and policians are going to purchase a CFL team and get all cozy? This community doesn't have the spirit or dedication like what you'd see in Green Bay or Regina, this community lacks that community essence to it I think and football isn't as big here as it is in other communities.

We have been through the ringer and back. Ticket drives, ownership changes, etc. I think if push came to shove, then a 141 yr piece of history will not be abandoned into Moncton, or Quebec, or into the sunset. Also, the politicians would not have anything to do with the purchase of the team, it would be a Community owned team. There are not only ticat fans in Hamilton Earl, but all over the country as well who would step up to preserve. The population of Green Bay is way under the populous of Hamilton. Why can't we step up??

Yes Winfield, we ie. TigerCat fans could step up but I don't think that will happen to be honest. I might be wrong though. I don't think there are enough dedicated fans to make it happen.