The Greatest Grey Cup Games of the Modern Era!

I completely agree, despite that damn double interference call by that loser referee.

In my books nothing will top the 64 game. The Lions first GC win. Over Hamilton no less. Kapp Fleming, Mosca . And who was the hero of that game? You got it, Bill Munsey, #20.

While the topic is being debated how about the run of 3 Grey Cup games from 87-89. Great time to be a CFL fan with 3 consecutive years of games still considered among the best.

Those three years were simply incredible. I had bought tickets to the 1988 game but I had to give them up to a buddy due to a business conflict. I was there for the 1989 game though!


I was in St Jean on a French course and watched the game in the mess with a half dozen Cats fans. Being an Argos fan it was sweeeeeet. Did feel bad for Tony Champion who’s game tying catch almost gets forgotten. Still the best catch I’ve ever seen in any football league