The Great Streak is Sadly Over

Kudos to the whole organization for the turnaround season. Sadly though, the hard fought OT loss also ends what is probably the greatest streak in pro sports history. Teams from Hamilton(the Alerts, Tigers, Wildcats, & Tiger-Cats) brought home at least 1 Grey Cup championship in every decade of the 20th Century. We weren't able to extend it to the 21st Century though. We've been a model of consistency for such a long time and it's hard to believe.
No other pro sports city last century can match what our city accomplished and it's never been mentioned anywhere, what do you expect when the Major Canadian news stations are mostly based out of Toronto.

It was an amazing accomplishment and one for which Hamiltonians should forever be proud of. It's just bittersweet that we had such bad teams throughout most of the last decade that any hopes of extending the streak were placed on a team that obviously isn't quite ready yet to.

Thanks for trying though guys.

New centuries don't end in year 9, they end in year 0.

The first century didn't start year.

Just like a human...we turn 1 after the first year. We aren't born 1.

We still have a year for the streak.

The streak is over :frowning: :frowning:

The streak is not over. There were no Grey Cups in the first decade of the 20th century. We are following form. We get 4 next decade starting next season!!!!!! '10 '12 '13 '15. Oskee Wee Wee

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The first Grey Cup Game was played in 1909 at Rosedale Field in Toronto, with the University of Toronto downing the Parkdale Canoe Club 26-6. The U of T won the Grey Cup the next two years too, and became the first of two varsity dynasties – Queen's University won from 1922 to 1924.

I meant Hamilton Grey Cups. I am aware the Tigers won a championship in 1908 the year before he first Grey Cup

Fair enough.

The streak was for national championships in each decade since the 1900s.

I thought the 20th Century ended on December 31/1999. If that is true then the 20th century's final decade ended on December 31/1999 as well. Why wouldn't it? If that is true then the first 10 years [ first decade] of the 21st century concludes on December 31/2009. When we are in 2010 we will be in the second decade of the 21st Century. N'est-ce pas?

Now I'm really confused.:frowning:

Thanks beaglehound glad someone makes some sense

The last day of the millenium was December 31st 2000.

In spite of all the Y2K hysteria, the new millenium started on January 1, 2001, not 2000

On the lighter side: :wink:

The following link may help to clear up any confusion. It sounds like both points of view are correct:

Montreal Canadiens.

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So by earlier logic the Montreal Canadians have had their streak busted already as the Stanley Cup is awarded in 2010...their streak is OVER as their last cup was in 1992!!!