The Great Settlement Scheme Part I

These are indeed exciting times that we live in! :partying_face: :coffee: :doughnut:

"Tim Hortons has reached a proposed settlement in multiple class action lawsuits alleging the restaurant's mobile app violated customer privacy, which would see the restaurant offer a free coffee and doughnut to affected users."


Hmmm. Sign me up. Hard to believe that the value of a free hot beverage is $6.19 and a donut $2.39. Note to self: In the future buy hot beverages and donuts anywhere but at Tim Hortons.


Yeah, i got an email from them too. I almost fell over laughing.

I will stick to other vendors at those prices thank you very much....

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It's the cost of sprinkles. They're through the roof. :grin:


So which other vendors would you guys go to?

Starbucks for me helping them in their quest for world domination :rofl::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Oh yeah, I'm sure they'll be cheaper... :rofl:

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Starbucks caught me by surprise back in the 20th Century. The lineup was huge when it first opened in our newly renovated (kinda posh) Polo Park Mall. When I finally got to the counter I stupidly pointed to a picture on the wall and said, "I'll have one of those... uh, coffee thingies please."

That was my first (and last) $10.00 coffee that DIDN'T contain alcohol.


Holy cow!
A McMuffin, coffee, and doughnut bite.

They got a double meat cheeseburger with all the trimmings and peppers?

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I once ordered a latte at Starbucks in Texas. “Barista” goes, “You don’t want milk in that.”
My stupid without focus, “Sure!”

The day we can order a 'McMuffin' at Tim Horton's is the day these guys will become the new Ticat Mascots. :grin:

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Is Tim Horton’s really that good?because I kind of get the full it’s a lot of good coffee and limited food for my Texas appetite.
Course we got 72oz steaks etc

Oh you DON'T want to see what McDonald's would do to steak. :cold_face:

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Here we go!
Tell Big Tex what is so good, bad, beautiful and perhaps not ugly about

I admit.
I don’t know.
Always been curious.
Thanks Modano, Belfour, and Zubov.

They got Tim Horton’s in Quebec?

The quarter ponders are supposedly with fresher all beef patties, but

I bet Canadians can out BBQ USA, maybe even Memphis or Texas.

KC has Arthur Bryant’s on Brooklyn street


An image is worth a thousand words!
And golden farts to steak!

Thanks to a steady diet of Tim Horton Coffee and Doughnuts our police officers get to play, "Good Cop, Fat Cop."


Meanwhile in France they just drink wine...

It’s probably to anti cost effective for Tim Horton’s to have burgers, hero’s, and
I-45 trucker driver breakfast platters.
That’s a Greek Diner,
but do they have
Pig’s in a blanket with jalapeńo


You made both of heads day!


I even now have a Chardonnay with my left offer Tikka Marsala!

Just another shout out!

It’s not even noon here too!!!



Now that is a cover up if I have ever seen one!!!!
Or is it!?!!

Good Lordy!
Miss MOLLY!!!

Back to the topic!
Tim Horton’s should give all
CFL FAN FORUM MEMBERS gift certificates to the new cuisine offerings,
We and/ or Tim is Horton,
Working on!

JERSEY Cheesesteak,
East Texas HOT LINK platters
Pomme Frites POUTINE,
Cesar & Greek Salat!

What can you order to eat and drink in the