The Great Debate: Wildest CFL Finishes

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Here are several videos of some of the wildest finishes in the CFL. Which one is the best? Discuss. I picked the 13th man.

The wildest finish was the 2010 Als at Riders game to kick off the season. That was an incredible game, which drew rave reviews on the NFL Network, with that game thread being the 2nd hottest topic on the NFL Forum...until it was quickly removed and deleted from the NFL website...for some reason. :wink:

The 13th man is certainly the most gobsmacking and infamous finish in CFL history, but really only because it was for a championship. If it had happened in a regular season game now 4½ years later most of us would have forgotten it like a thousand other last play FGs.

The 2010 Risers-Als game was more than a finish, it was a completely wild entire 2nd half. The Als led 26-10 at halftime if I recall.

The Stegall 100 yard TD to me is the wildest finish ever, and I may be biased because I was actually there that night which makes it very special for me. Checking the schedule a couple months in advance, I planned a road trip for games July 20th, 21st and 22nd in Edmonton, Calgary and Regina. I got in my car and drove from Vancouver to Edmonton, dressed in my green gear and banjo in hand (I'm not kidding) walked up and bought a ticket for the upper deck around the 10 yard line. The first 58½ minutes was THE WORST display of pro football I have ever witnessed. Dropped passes by both clubs, stupid penalties (Mike Abou-Mechrek took THREE procedure fouls in the 3rd quarter alone). With a minute and a half left, the Bombers were up by 3 and had the ball around their own 20 or 25. It was short yardage, Glenn sneaked over the guard and got the first down but then in an effort to get some extra yardage rolled onto his back on top of the pile where an Eskimo ripped the ball out of his arms. 2 or 3 plays later Ray hit Tucker in the endzone for the go ahead TD. The Bombers took an illegal block penalty on the ensuing kickoff which put the ball on the 10 yard line. 1st down went incomplete. There was a timeout on the field and the game was taking a long time to finish. In that gap of time I decided to check out the formation and see how Edmonton would defend 100 yards of field thinking that they might rush 1 or 2 guys. Much to my surprise they had 6 guys up front (3 and 3). I remember saying out loud to anyone who could hear, "They're blitzing?!?" The DBs were standing around the Winnipeg 45 or so. Machiochia was waving his arms frantically in a 'get-back' motion. They backed up maybe 10 yards. Danny wanted them to go waaay farther back but they wouldn't go for some reason. The ball went in the air. As I traced my eyes to where the ball would come down, Stegall and Brazzell crossed routes around midfield and the two defenders obstructed each other. As we all know, Stegall caught the seam and scored easily. Of all the random games to pick for a road trip, I saw THAT one. WOW!! Always stay right to the end my friends, ALWAYS stay right to the end.

Just for the record, the other 2 games were good too. The next night in Calgary - well the game wasn't that good - but it was the day that Joe Smith arrived running over the Calgary defence for 166 yards. I think Antonio Warren was cut on Monday. The game on Sunday in Regina was the game where Spergon Wynn got knocked out on the last play before the half. I believe Ricky Williams also broke his arm in that game. These events aside, that was a great game. Argos led by 18-3 at one point, a trick play Armstead pass back across the field to Joseph diving in for a 34 yard TD, then in the last couple of minutes, a score, an onside kick and nearly another score. Riders still lost 26-23 but a great game.

Winnipeg at Hamilton July 9, 1992

"Winnipeg 36, HAMILTON 33 (OT) (20641) - The Bombers scorched the
Tiger-Cats for 10 points in the final 18 seconds of regulation time, then K Troy Westwood nailed a 39-yard field goal with 27 seconds left in OT."

This brief account only mentions the last 18 seconds of the game, By that time most of the TiCat fans had left, secure in the TiCats 23 to 7 lead, then Matt Dunnigan went to work in the final 3 minutes, and in OT! Back then OT was two five minute halves.

  1. BC at Calgary in playoffs. Last drive in the snow. Darren sticks it to big bro.

I gotta agree with FYB. The 1994 Calgary vs BC Western Final was not only one of the wildest finishes but for me it was the best come from behind win I have every seen! Factor in the weather conditions in which the Lions engineered the come from behind victory and there are no words to describe this ending.

The 13th man game should be in a class all its own: The Greatest Blunder in a CFL game!

definitely one of the greatest comebacks in CFL playoff history but I'd also have to throw in Hamilton coming back to beat the Argos in the 2 game total point east final in the mid 80s.

And regular season comebacks, must mention Marvin Graves 4 TDs in the 4th quarter to beat the Cats 1994ish.

This one was fun. Obviously would have been better if it had worked:

The Als vs TiCats 1998 Eastern Final is one of the most thrilling finishes in recent memory as well.
A tremendous 54 yard FG by Osbaldiston with no time on the clock to win the game spurring the Hamilton crowd into a rabid frenzy.

sends chills down my spine every time…

Fun indeed.

I'm surprised laterals are not incorporated more often into the playbook or just broken plays to keep drives alive.

That one has to be up there for sure with the other great finishes! :thup:

Montreal / Toronto 2010