The Great Debate: Who is the No. 1 pending free agent?

TORONTO — The free agent market officially opens up at noon ET on Feb. 8. While teams have been hard at work trying to sign their key players ahead of next month’s deadline, many appear set to hit the open market in just three weeks’ time.

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It would depend on the team and its needs, but I think every GM would want to bid on these three:

Simoni Lawrence
Adam Bighill
Bryan Burnham

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No argument there, but I doubt the first two will become available. Maybe Burnham will be up for grabs, considering the contract Lucky just got.


Brandon Revenberg is a National not an American

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I'm surprised the list didn't include Jackson Jeffcoat. He'd be a difference maker on any team not named Bombers.

Oops. Looks like we just re-signed him. Sorry about that. Now all we need is our appliance of doom back... 'The Stove'. Oh, and Bighill. Bighill would be a terrific signing. Then there's Collaros. What's he going to ask for this year?

Too much to think about.

Already re-signed January 7th

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Yes. You're absolutely right. I went to look at our list of FA's and he's not one of them anymore. Sometimes it's good to be wrong. :smiley:

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As I am staring @ this list Harris is @ 60% of the votes, Collaros 3rd @ 10%. Must be a lot of Bomber fans clicking in. If fans want Harris over Collaros there's something wrong IMO. Bombers were a 3rd place club when Zach came over & he was largely responsible for the 2 GC wins. How often was Harris the top rusher & never won a Cup in Winnipeg? No offence to Harris - he did his part. But Wow.