The great damon allen

throws the game away.

What an overrated bum.

overrated bum or overAGED bum?

anyways...LETS GO BOMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!

That was pass interference on soward

Bring on the Argos!

Pass interference?

If you're going for the ball, it is not PI. Period.

Damon Allen didn't throw the game away. The Alouettes dominated him in the second half as they will dominate everyone on their way to a Grey Cup victory.

Oh be quiet!
You are making yourself look silly

He came out from hiding

His first post was I told you so!
When was that exactly? :lol:

Actually ALLEN's stats were not that bad today and Montreal won first place in the EAST , not the GREY CUP.

Both the ARGOS or WINNIPEG will not be push overs in the east final.

With 30 seconds left and having to go the length of most of the field was anyone really expecting the Argos to actually get a TD. With the little amt. of time remaining, Allen had to take a shot down field. It resulted in an INT, but this doesn't make him an "overrated bum", not many QBs would have succeeded in this type of situation.

You are right it is only the east!

I hope the good comeback will have the Big O sold out in 2 Weeks

That would be great. Winning sells tickets. :thup:

What was with waiting 19 seconds to hike the ball on consecutive plays with less than 2 minutes to go?

Either quarterback or coaching error.

I suspect they were all unhappy about the drive immediately before the last one. They ran the clock to one second before using a running play.
Then as time is about to run out again, they are forced to take a procedure call or get a time count.
And this was with about 90-120 seconds left and all they need is a field goal.
It was pretty ugly.

ALLEN threw for 191 yards and 1 T.D.

A.C. , threw for 226 yards.

Only a 35 yard difference.

PBP says Allen had 209 yards