The good & the bad

The Good:

Burris - I knew he still had the arm from watching him in camp but it was just nice to see him throwing bombs in a game. I know he fumbled on the third down gamble but I don't think we would have run that play if this was a real game, and the pick he threw probably shouldn't have left his hand but the argo player made a nice grab intercepting it.

Walker C - Really happy with the performance he came out with tonight. The guy can run, there was a drive in the first where he got the ball 4 plays in a row and he still looked just as good on the fourth run. Not sure how there going to use him and Avon but it should be interesting.

LeFevour - I know he was going up against backups but I still thought he looked good. He did a nice job moving around and scrambling but he showed that he could also look for a second and third read. He through a nice corner rout to Kelly in the endzone that I thought should have been caught.

The DJ - I have been saying this for a wile that it would be cool if we had a DJ and they got one so I was pretty pumped. The speakers sucked so that kinda took away from it but I was still happy.

The Bad:

Porter - What can I say... I thought he looked horrible. I gave him a good review from one of the days I saw him in camp, but this is just the same old thing I have been seeing from the guy for years. Watching the post game interview with Cortez it was pretty obvious that he wasn't very happy with what he saw either.

Congi - Those kickoffs need to go farther, the argos were grabbing the ball at the 13 - 15 yard line on every kick. He also missed a field goal.

Grant B - He looked great all camp but then dropped a bunch of passes last night. I don't know what was going on with him but he needs to figure out what happened quick because he have some nice talent at receiver right now.

The sound system - I know its the last year so were not going to upgrade it but it sounded awful.

Seems Stala was forgotten last night. I hope coach gives him playing time because he's earned it over the years. There were some dropped balls that sticky would have made.

I recall two drops, but he made up for it later. He caught a game high four passes and finished with 75 receiving yards. Yes, the drops were bad, but I think he redeemed himself. I don’t think he’s getting let go and I think he could be in for a big year. With teams needing to worry about Fantuz, Williams and Giguère, Grant is going to see a lot of single coverage over the middle. With Burris at QB, I could see Grant surpassing 1,000 yards this year.

I agree with Blogskee on B. Grant.
My other thoughts: Bo Smith, other than wearing a different number, looked as much like Bo Smith as Quinton Porter looked like Quinton Porter. Brandon Boudreaux had his motor running and his "play strong 'til the whistle blows" attitude reminded me a bit of Garrett McIntyre. I though Kanya didn't look out of place at LB and had a strong performance on ST's. Could say the same about Ike Brown and was also impressed with the effort on ST's by Louie Richardson and Jean-Mary Patrick. Impressed with Bartel's punting and wonder if they've thought of trying his big leg on kickoffs. Congi's kicking gets barely a passing grade on my card. Also impressed with Coach Cortez' handling of the post game media scrum where he called a spade a spade with his comments on his QB's -- Quite a difference from the post-game coach's verbal dancing of the past couple of seasons.

Oh im not saying he wont make the team, im just saying if he drops balls like that next week he could find himself out of the starting lineup.

Mind you it's only one exhibition game, and I haven't seen any of the training camp sessions, but, at this stage, Walker looks like a starter. He has great outside speed and uses his blockers really well.

I'm still looking forward to Terry Grant's return, in the meantime, I think, with Cobourne and Walker, our running game is in good shape.

Oh, I see. I thought you meant he was getting let go. Anyway, I don't think he's even in trouble of dropping out of the starting lineup. The guys that would be on his heels -- Aaron Kelly and Terence Jeffers-Harris, most notably -- didn't have overly impressive outings last night either; Kelly dropped a few passes, admittedly more difficult than the ones Grant dropped, and I don't think Jeffers-Harris even had a pass thrown his way (I could be wrong). I don't want to see anyone drop passes, and I'm not trying to say that Grant had an otherworldly game or anything, but I'm not overly concerned.