The good, the bad, the ugly......

Somebody call the waaaaaaaambulance! :o

Its murder I tell you.

....I don't recall you saying that either, if you follow the course of the conversation and quit trying to pick an argument where one doesn't exist you'll see my comment was in response to Mike's apologies to use Grant as an example, I do not know him and I'm sure he is as fine a character as Mr. Lewis retrospect I should've said 'nameless Rider receiver'...

There is a few of them on the IR list.

...hey Clyde, geez, that wasn't a horsecollar that McKenzie laid down on Summers was it?...and it wasn't called?...I sure hope not....

And now we play the waiting game... :lol:

I think the number is whine one one

wow red, you sound pissed or peaved. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

LOL Throw McKenzie out of the league that is down right dirty. LOL

You are Right it wasn't called and should have been.