The good, the bad, the ugly......

Has anyone else noticed (this year especially) that not only the good players but the good people are gettin hurt and they're ugly (some career ending) injuries? yet the dirtier players seem to go unscathed?

Ex: Tucker EDM(cracked vertebrae), Dominguez SSK(torn ACL, likely retiring), Flick SSK(badly broken ankle), Simpson WPG(torn pectoral)

Don't worry, Jimenez will get his soon enough... :twisted:

scary he's was actually one of the people i thought of too.....

here we go again

the other immediately to mind is brandon browner..

LOL Brandon Browner is a great tackler. And to wish a player serious injury is just plain sad on your part.
What are rider players made of glass? All kidding aside no player should indure an injury. It would be nice to have a game injury free. I thought field turf was to help with the injuries it does not appear to be working.

Injuries occur randomly and anyone can be injured. Football is a physical contact sport and injuries are natural. Unnatural for players to remain uninjured in their entire career. Even in non-contact sports, injuries can still occur among athletes.

I agree with you.

2008 Brandon Browner = 2007 Jason Jimenez

Two face masking penalties (called).

Two horse collars (not called).

One rider player out for the season, one more rider player out for the next game.

The CFL has a new head GOON!!!

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...browner had nothing to do with MD's knee injury, wasn't even covering him at the time Clyde...and wishing injury on any player is just sick....

He wasn't talking about Matt Dominguezz red, he was talking about the Carl Berman Achilles injury error...I'll agree BB plays aggessively....Goon?...matter of perspective really, he hasn't gone out of his way jimenez style to hurt someone...

Committing two face masking penalties and two horse collar penalties in one game is aggressive play? That might be the understatement of the year.

He shows absolutely no regard for the safety of opposition players.

I know the horse collars were not called, but, the game video shows they were committed. hoo clyde...if the opposition (your team) think he is out of line I'm sure they'll have a few discussions with him...if the opposition (your team) decides to take it to a physical retaliation then whoever does so is no better, and I'll be sure to see you on the forum taking that player to task....yes?... seem to think the only way to retaliate physically is by doing something dirty. There are plenty of legal plays to get even. Some to extent that they could fustrate Browner into hurting his team even more.

Browner is a good athelete...I would even say exceptional, but he is careless and needs to taught a lesson (within the rules). There is nothing wrong with that, it happens all the time in all contact sports.

...yes, I suppose Grant could blindside Browner at the knees in a legal crack block and destroy Browner's career like Lewis did to Wiltshire...that should teach him a lesson....of course Grant would be perceived as a dirty player fro all eternity much as Lewis is by many CFL fans, but hey, no biggie I suppose...

I don't recall suggesting that one of the Riders cheap shot Browwner.

Corey Grant has way to much class to sink to Browner's level.

Last season some stamps fans gave Wally B a derogatory nickname for sticking up for Jimenez, funny how attitudes change when the shoe is on the other foot.

what browner did is nowhere near in the same category as what Jiminez did.

two points....the Lewis play was clearly an uncalled for hit, by a player who had already been getting a rep in the league as being cheap. Yes, it has taken Lewis a long time to get over that rep. But that doesn't mean it wasn't deserved.

Footbalyoubet, I would say that being a major contributing factor in a player blowing out his achilies is serious. Did it look intentional like Jiminez no...did it look careless and something the guy has demonstrated he does on a regular basis....most definitely.

Remember Jiminez and Murphy both gain bad reps before the play last year. This year, I suspect just like the Western Final Jiminez feels like a marked man and isn't as effective as he once was....hence the average running game by BC this year.

I will state it again....I think Browner is a good athelete and is learning....but he doesn't need to get a bad rep so soon for reckless play.