The good..the bad..the ugly..2008

The Good...
2008 has been a year of.. 'true'.. rebuilding for the Cats.
To say it started before this simply not correct.
The Cats have added a lot of new talent, and rookie talent, with a lot more new try-outs coming...
before the end of this season. A 'real' shot at making the play-offs in 2009, is do-able, as the team continue's to find the right players for the many problem "area's".

The Bad...
Charlie Taaffe....I will never be able to understand why he was not let go...before the start of the 2008
Danny Creehan....I will never be able to understand why he was hired, in the first place...and still remains
Jessie Lumsden...Injury after injury this season. I hope he resigns for 2009, only if he can beat this injury bug thing.
Tony Miles.........disapointing to say the least.
NML................VERY disapointing to say the least.

The Ugly...
Casey Printers....Big, big disapointment. What he had before going to the NFL, up here in Canada, is long, long, gone. I don't think he will be a Ti-Cat much longer. Most certainly not in 2009.

Play-off ticket the start of ticket sales for 2008.
The guy that came up with this maketing idea....should be fired.
Talk about false hope...for the fans. Just like throwing gasoline on the fire, after 4 losing years.
" That "false hope play-off marketing idea, has only pissed-off a lot of people...and it shows, in the stands.

Your thoughts....


my thoughts?

having the ticats as my second team, is like having a re-occurring nightmare.

In the day time, I see the lions, and all is well.

When I sleep, I dream about the nightmare that is the ticats.

The thing with nightmare, eventually they end.

The only question is when.

Its a matter of time.

Oh Lord.

The good...

The team is still in Hamilton and in the league. I have to say I'm surprised.

New/young players that have proven they can play and are future prospects: Prechae, Scott Mitchell, Terry Caulley, Tre Smith, Kenton Keith (depends if he still has it), Chris Thompson, Geoff Tisdale, Markeith Knowlton, Darrell Adams, Jykine Bradley, Rontarious Robinson. These are all players that I'm excited about seeing return next year.

The Bad...

Yet another coaching change and no apparent plan to find experienced successful CFL coaches.

Qb situation is a mess. Richie earned his job and his face has been slapped once again.

Revolving door during the season. No I don't think we should stick with the guys we're losing with but that's what training camp is for - finding the right guys.

Injuries: Jesse and Casey have had bad luck in the injury department this year. Two immensely talented players IMO but it's a shame that they have been plagued by injuries.

Receiving corps is not up to the job. They are all solid receivers but as a group they don't have knockout power. This is the key issue to address in training camp I think, besides deciding on a quarterback.

The Ugly...

Fan base has dwindled down to the 1990's levels. This is never good for a football team. The proud packed house is no more. Fans are fed up and have seen through the facade. They just want a football team that can win. No more marketing, no more hype, no more special events and game day atmosphere. The best atmosphere is set by a team that is rocking the opponents, especially on labour day.

The Zeke trade. It was ugly with a capital U. Regardless of how it eventually plays out it leaves a sour taste in my mouth as with many fans.

The last game against the BC Lions. Need I explain?

It sure has been a tough year for all us Ticat fans, but were a resiliant bunch, that`s for sure!! :smiley:

I can say the Good news was the signing of Kenton Keith. I think he could have a real good future in Hamilton. Also, an unexpected surprise was the potential of Porter. The guy has a cannon for an arm, he`s strong and has some wheels, some advice and coaching from D-Mac, he could be our starter next year!! Jykine Bradley was also a big surprise. The guy is fast and can hit hard. One of my highlights was when he punched out the ball at the 2 yardline against Sask. Great play.

The bad and the ugly,

The coaching was horrid, this year. Hopefully next year, Obie will get a talented coaching staff in, that will be around for many years to come.The injuries to Lumsden and Printers. As talented as these guys are. Its a shame theyve both been injured off and on, all season. Our O-line, D-line and receiving corps have been disappointing.

Good: Our running game in general, and Nick Setta.

Bad: Our coaching staff.

Ugly: Offence (other than the run), Defence, return game.