The good, the bad or the ugly

We’re half way through a pretty entertaining season.
What in your opinion is the biggest story thus far?

For me......
The good- Rourke (closely followed by the Bombers 9 game streak)
The bad- the East.
The ugly- game losing missed field goals.


Good: Rourke and the Lions, soldout TD Atlantic

Bad: Evans and the Ticats (expected much better from them)

Ugly: Marino-Masoli incident, sparse crowds at Commonwealth and BMO


With rare exceptions none of these games are done until the final whistle, Now rages entertainment


Forgot about that....I’m changing my ugly vote.


Tons of great finishes so far.

I was thinking more of the good, but the bad and the ugly you post I find hard to disagree with.

No one predicted the success of the Lions or just how good Rourke has been. Why would they? Any Canadian up and coming QB in recent memory hasn’t had near the success Rourke has, even if it is just a limited sample so far. He looks like the real deal to everyone.

While some might say penalties for the bad, the only other candidate I can think of for the bad or ugly more likely are the cheap hits and frequent scrums after the whistle. More than I ever recall seeing consistently. Lots of ejections for two misconduct penalties too.

I prefer to think the good via BC and Rourke outweighs the bad so far.


The Great - Russ Jackson, Jr. (Rourke) coming out of the chute.
The Good - Bombers come within a bad leg of winning 10 in a row
The Bad - Indifferent crowds in former CFL hotbeds ~ Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton.
The Ugly - Out-of-control team discipline on at least 5, maybe 6 CFL pro teams. Inexcusable - costing teams games.


Welcome to my world. Als and stupid selfish penalties need to stop.

The Mystical:
Bombers 9-1 out of the chute but showing clear weaknesses on o-line and critical weakness (which plagued them most of last year) at place-kicking.

Will Jason Medlock be begged out of retirement?
Will O'Shea stubborn it out w/ Leggio?
Will O'Shea garner any NFL interest as a head coach or assistant?


I’ll consult my crystals and ponder these questions.....

good: QB's on BC and Winnipeg
bad: The East
ugly: The reffing


Good: Rourke, Lion success

Bad: East not doing very well

Ugly: Lack of fans in the stands, Ref bashing


Bad: Pyramid rule in lack of actual action, but in action by the command center
Ugly: see the removal thread that has nothing to do with The CFL but just a lot of pettiness


Is Jason Medlock related to Justin?

The good is Rourke
The bad is attendance
Tbe ugly is that Marino wasn't tossed from tbe league. and tve attendance in Edmonton playibg in front of 2000 people.


The good Bombers and Rourke

The Bad has to be attendance

The Ugly Reffing at times .


And now for something completely different:

The Good: Covid's fading, CFL fans are slowly trickling back to the stands.
The Bad: A league-wide rash of achilles tendon injuries.
The Ugly: A million dollar payout taken away by a holding penalty.


Kyle Walters premonition comes true. Andrew 'Husky' Harris is on the shelf for 4 to 6 weeks with an announced pectoral injury.
Exactly what the rap on Harris was. His body was starting to come off the hinges. Took halfway into the season for it to unhinge but unhinge it has.
Harris lucky he was able to pass Charles Roberts for 5th on all-time CFL rush yds. Also got the top spot as CFL's top canadian rusher (yards) before being placed on the shelf.
Don't think Toronto wants to burn another $250k on a wonky 36 yr old RB with too many miles, starting to rust and rubber coming off the tires.
Will anyone else? Or will Harris be forced into CIS coaching or possibly a coaching assistant in CFL?
Harris does not have the voice or broadcast presence to be placed on TSN broadcast crews.

As I’ve said before, it’s no surprise to Winnipeg fans that Harris suffered another injury and will again miss a good chunk of the season.

I don’t think he’s making anywhere near $250,000. More like $170,000 if memory serves.

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