The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...


  1. Craig Yeast (gulp). He had a very good recieving game, and threw some good blocks to spring Vaughn for a big gain. His routes were crisper, and he played with intensity.

  2. Tay Cody. IMHO, he was the best player in the secondary last night. He makes HUGE hits, is always around the ball, has good speed, and wraps up his tackles. I saw that he has very good vision, and closes on the reciever going for the ball, rather than letting him catch it, and put a move on him.

  3. Jason Maas. Leadership. End of story.


  1. Wayne Shaw. A safety’s duty is to back-up the HBs and DBs. He did neither. He is too slow, and does not put in an effort to actually tackle a reciever.

  2. Play calling. The hitch pass hasn’t worked for us in 10 years. Please stop it.

  3. Penalties. As stated ad nauseum, we need more discipline.


  1. Jamie Boreham. Four missed field goals in a row over two games. Brutal. Nice guy, bu nice guys don’t win you games and championships. Hopefully, his last game in a Tiger-Cats uniform.

  2. Chris Martin. his guy got burned all game. We have seen this before. I think he lost his job last night.

  3. Agustin Barrenechea. He cannot stop the run, and he is not fast enough to cover pass routes. I want to see him stay with the team, but Bobby Brooks is a MUCH beter MLB.

  4. The referees. You cannot blame the game on refereeing. You CAN blame some key plays on them. The first roughing the passer call shouldn’t have been made. But what can you expect, it’s A.C. - totally untouchable. The first pass-interferance call - pathetic. Both playwers went up for the ball. The ref blew it big time there. Even Don Matthews was complaining about the refereeing.

  5. Compass. Ten minutes before kickoff, under Box “I”, they ran out of hot dogs. I was told that there would be a 10-minute wait for them. Unacceptable.


finally a post that is not only negative. Good to see.

I couldn't agree more with your comments, and glad to see someone else has their head on straight.


  1. When Yeast made a catch in the 2nd quarter and made a quick move through a hole to gain the enough yards for the first down, I thought it was Holmes. He should stick to receiving and not be used to return punts.

  2. I thought Tay Cody was the best player on defense. He broke up a pass with a solid hit, had close coverage and stopped the Montreal receivers from gaining yards after the catch. This guy loves to hit.

  3. Maas is definately a leader, and I think he will continue to improve. Played well to get us back in the game. Was let down by the coaching in the second half.

  4. Something that was better, although not great, was the pass pressure. AC still had too much time on many downs, but he did feel more pressure than Spurgeon Wynn did, and we did get some sacks, and a fumble.


  1. I don't know what they see in Wayne Shaw. I would rather play Gordon or Beveridge when he is back.

  2. The second half play calling was terrible. Hitch passes and 5 to 6 yard plays on second down, or fly routes. Do we not have any plays that go for 15 yards? The running game was abandoned in the second half. Possibly due to injuries. Either way, you can't totally abandon the run.

  3. Penalties. We were bad, and the refs were even worse. A slight improvement over last week though.


  1. The missed Boreham field goals really killed any momentum we would have had going into half time, never mind a possible lead. I really thought having him only place kick would have made a difference. He made some terrible misses tonight. Mr. McCarthy, start making some calls.

  2. Chris Martin appears to be the weakest link in our secondary. Bring in Bradley and shuffle or possibly move Cox back to DB.

  3. Not a big Auggie fan. I don't think I even notice him out there. We need an MLB who is the heart of the defense.

  4. The refs were pretty bad last night. I saw many questionable calls, and really hated their indecision. Nothing like waiting 3 minutes for the refs to make up their minds and then another 2 for the video replay. Way to kill any flow to the game. Greg Freres commented on the 5th quarter that the refs were really bad in the first half.

  5. As far as the concessions go, I didn't buy much, and won't at the current prices, so I didn't have a problem. Surprised to hear there were issues after all the staff and additions made.

Hopefully there will be more good in the games to come.


the good,

????still thinking???

the bad

play calling, and penalties

the ugly

probably people who post on this site

speak for yourself

Perhaps I am referring to the attitudes
and brutal criticism.

The Good:

-Receivers, all of them.
-The offence sets and formations

The Bad:

-Jason Maas. He was off. Missed some open receivers (nost notably FLick in the 2rd quarter wide open behind the secondary on the side line)

The Ugly: