The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good

  • Als offense (1st half)
  • Great defense even though 10 out of the 12 starters last night had less than 2 years experience.
  • The team showed great composure in overcoming the loss of their kicker to win in OT.

The bad

  • Duval losing his cool could have cost us dearly (even though I feel that he was more than provoked)
  • The Als deciding to run the ball less in the 2nd half.
  • AC's innability to stretch the defense because of his innacuracy when he throws anything over 15 yrds.

The ugly

  • The Als' offense in the second half. Their defense was on the field much too long but still performed pretty well.

more good:
-they finally to play a surprise play with the offside kick. Finally a surprise kick
-Ben Cahoon kicking the field goal and Brady kicking like a real punter!

  • finally, we're even in win/loss ratio