The Good The Bad and the Ugly

The Good:
Kerry Watkins finally dicided to show up and he played a decent game and he didnt even drop any passes.Damon Duval, the heart and soul of this team. That 47 yard field goal, yhis guy should be in the nfl.

The Bad:
12 sacks aloowed that must be some kind of record.I cant wait to see what changes the Don is going to make for next week. Maybe a new coach.

The Ugly:
The deffence good lord heads are going to roll.Just because you sack the qb five times you still have to cover Geroy Simon or dont bother even going on the field at all. That just about sums up the two games against BC.NO FREAKIN DEFFENCE.

I'd interchange the Bad and the Ugly. Our O-line played so poorly over the last to games it was fffugly.

Personally I wouldn't call Damon Duval the 'heart & soul' of the team (and don't say that to any football player who is not a kicker! :slight_smile: but I would say that he is definitely one of the most consistent and reliable Alouettes this season. He who would be the 'heart and soul' of the team for me (and equally reliable and consistent) is Ben Cahoon. Undersized and not as fast as most receivers, he never gives up, stills finds openings in double coverage, will play injured and is willing to take heavy punishment to make the play (are you listening Thyron?). He has the heart of a lion... if only it were contagious.

I have little or no problem with Watkin's performance thus far. To his credit, he has been injured and getting the ball his way requires more time (give the O-Line a chance A.C. - run the ball more!). The biggest disappointment in the receiving core for me - and has been since his arrival - is Anderson. Bring back mr. Vaughn!

My Good:

  • Belli is starting to find his rhythm (and the quarterback).
  • Truluck looked better. Needs to maintain his discipline. If he can do that, perhaps the Als will finally have a regular second rush end
  • special teams play

The Bad:

  • 12 Sacks, I definitely agree with you. Run the ball more A.C. to give your o-line a chance to regroup and dominate! Your protection and pass time will benefit!

  • Richard Karikari is MIA. One of the best safeties last year has become the invisible man and the Als are paying a price for it in the secondary. He needs to step up fast!

  • Bad play calls on offense. Get back to basics and grind out the yards instead of looking deep. Oh, and next time it's 1st down and goal from the 3 yard line and the passing game is being held back because of pressure, bring out the jumbo set, load up your backfield and run the ball down the d-line's throat. We have loads of running talent that is sitting in idle...

Changes that Won't Happen:
The coach will remain (as much as I dislike Matthews). A change there will make little difference now - besides, the owner likes him and firing him now - with his new contract - would be expensive. Matthews just needs to stop believing in his own legend and make logical adjustments, not the "if the Don says it will work then it will" attitude (yes, I am still bitter about the 2003 Grey Cup... 2 rookie cornerbacks? Give me a break!)

Changes that Should Happen:
Paul Lambert should be back in. He's still a skilled vet who needed to have a little fire lit under his a**.

Start running the ball early and pound the Bomber D-Line. Calgary punished them and were able to open the game up. The Als need to do the same. In the words of 'The Don' himself,

"Our offensive line has the most difficult job in the league because A.C. doesn't have mobility."

So, buy him time by keeping the opposition defense guessing.

Some Positives:

  • Dave Stala can punt and throw (although the choice of a DB for the reception is questionable). This may make for a future trick play...

Let's hope that the also self-destructing Bombers will allow the Als to peg a win! :slight_smile:

Good call Blitz I agree with everything you said. i just hope Stegall doesnt burns us like Simon did.

Stegall is impressive to watch and, like Simon, worries me. I think that he has lost a step over the years so if they jam him at the line and disrupt his patter, we will have a chance (especially considering how beat up the Bombers O-Line is).

The Bombers may also have Derick Armstrong (formerly of Saskatchewan and Houstan) in the lineup so shutting down Stegall may not be the only task for the secondary.

These back to back games against Winnipeg can become a 'make or break' for the Als (and the Bombers). It will be the battle of self destructing teams. If the Als can win both, I think it will be enough to push them over the top and bury Winnipeg for this year. IF they lose both, I don't think they will be able to fully recover...

I'm worried about our secondary. They aren't being physical enough at the line of scrimmage and are letting receivers release freely without jamming them up. So every completion is big gain to a receiver with a full head of steam. Jones needs to get back to basics with them -- physical scrimmage play, good body position, and solid tackling. I'm really tired of seeing everyone and their brother convert a second and long situation into a first down when we aren't even blitzing and should have blanket coverage on the receivers.

Now that the tough part of the Al’s schedule is over hopefully they will get back on track.