The Good,The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

The defense played well.
TiCat players were out there giving it their all.
We actually were in the game till mid way into the third quarter.
The Oline was terrific (evidence that a new coach does make a difference).
Holmes is a great player.

The Bad
With 2 yards to go on our 40, Lancaster, on third down (when we are behind by only six points) decides to go for it. A bad coaching decision! This was the turning point in the game.
Why did we not use Holmes in the previous games? (Another example how a coach can influence a game).

The Ugly

9 turn over’s.
Maas hasn't got it anymore.


I stopped watching the game at 19-6. How did the Argo's score 20 more points in the 4th?

Turnover, turnover, turnover

After a 40-6 defeat, it's hard to imagine the section on what's good in a "good, bad, and the ugly" evaluation being long. But there were some positives tonight, as noted above. I suppose the defence was not bad, especially considering they had to keep returning to the field after turnovers. I'm not sure what the time of possession numbers were, but the defence can't be blamed for at least 14 of those points. At least two touchdowns came off interceptions. And how many points did they get from turnovers?

And Holmes sure did have a great game and for three quarters, we saw how good this team could possibly be. And Holmes had much to do with that. And the offensive line deserves some credit. Perhaps Salavantis had something to with the improvemnt, but Powell replacing Cook also may have helped.

Yes, there were positives. Because the game was caled a defensive battle until the Ticats were outscored 28-0 in the fourth quarter.

I can't argue with alot of what's been said towards the good, the bad and the ugly.

But it would be nice if once in a while our db's could intercept a pass.

And another positive: We actually got a field goal that game! (Two, actually!)


Bad coaching decision by Lancaster and a terrible outing for the Quarterbacks. The rest looked good until late in the game when everyone knew it was over. Its official....Maas is done...Lets move on....

man.. turnover after turnover.
it was ugly.
very ugly.
glad someone's seeing the good in it though.