The good, the bad, and the ugly of this loss

All right lets start off with the worse first.

THE Ugly:
The team came out so bad on both sides of the ball in the first quarter it looked like it was going to be another blow out.

Defensively they can not stop a run to save their souls. Reilly, Bell killed us running the ball. No contain on Reilly so
many times and we got burned every time. Simply cannot get the big stop when needed and still too many stupid penalties to keep drives going.

Offensively, the O line simply has to get better period. Injuries are a reason but still the guys we have in need to get their act together. Durant was getting hammered in the first half and nearly was killed going for that first down. In the second half they went to more max protection and Durant actually could look for passes deeper then 5 yards. Some good play by Rosie and that is really all he has. Holley looks like he has potential but he has to make those catches. That drop after the short kickoff to a wide open Holley that would have been an easy td and it hits the turf. Now he did show some signs of still being a good player but he needs to make those catches.

The Bad:
As I said too many stupid penalties and our play calling on offense in the first half was brutal. We need to start the games far better and quit spotting teams 10 plus point leads before we decide to wake up.

Lawrence on the kicks is a fail. Yes he had one good run as a back but after the half and he gets the kick, takes to steps and stops, next thing is he is nailed at the 13 yard line. That is pure garbage. they simply need to be better on kicks and punts.

The Good: Hard to find much out of a loss but it was at least good to see the team not mail it in after the first half. I was as I said that they made adjustments especially on offense in the 3rd quarter. The D did play far better also but again couldn't get the crucial stop when it was so needed. Still some positives in Reilly only had 44 yards passing in the second half. That is something.

Durant looked far better in the second and if he ever gets some protection he could do some damage. No picks and over 300 yards passing (more then Reilly by the way) so obviously he shook the bad results of the Hamilton game.

I guess it was a moral victory at best.

Yes they showed promise that's for sure, just need to get off to a wicker start. Durant seems to be getting back to himself. Now if they would just change these stupid rules that say the d.b's can't touch the offensive player back to what they should be, the game would get even better. I mean who comes up with this stuff anyways. They sit around and think of ways to make the game worse or what? The game was fine 3 years ago. If it isn't broke don't fix it.

The NFL has much the same rule regarding illegal contact, and it doesn't seem to have hurt them.

The Good,
different team the second half, hope it continues.
The Bad.
Penalties. need I say more.
The Ugly.
TACKLING, how did they make through college ball tackling like this.

I'm "okay" with the PI rule, but not okay with the way it's being enforced. The PI call in the second half on the riders (forget which number), which was called right before Gainey's interception, is a B.S. call in my opinion. The receiver (Bowman) ran directly at the DB, and in effect initiated contact just prior to making his cut. The DB was simply holding his ground. If the receiver attempts to initiate contact, that in my opinion should not be considered PI. Same as the first drive call against the riders in the Hamilton game. The contact was so insignificant, and so totally away from the play, that it had no bearing on the outcome of the play. Yet once it was reviewed and called, it had a big effect on the start of the game.
Very frustrating the way the PI calls are killing the game.

I rest my case, the referees have to have some power to call these plays without everyone going to the command centre. Give the game back to the referees, it was better that way.

the problem is ed is the league or the rules committee want the exact opposite. Instead of the decision being based on judgement or common sense they want it called by the book period. I and many agree this is killing the game because when you do everything "by the book" then unless they write every little stipulation in then you have what you see now.

In the past yes the refs got to use their brains and knowledge of the game and sometimes they got it right and sometimes they got it wrong and yes sometimes they got it wrong on a big game or play and many were not happy about that so then they brought in the video review. this was a good idea but they have gone too far and again we have these long drawn out games with challenges on everything. Of course on any play if you look hard enough there is some infraction even if it is a minor one. So they review and of course then make the call. Of course even using reviews they still often make mistakes.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make the right call especially when it is the difference in a win or a loss. What is wrong is the not the PI or illegal contact rule itself but again how far they have taken it is the problem. Yes if a receiver is running his route and he gets knocked off stride or down or is held then it should be a penalty. Where the need to make amendments to the rules is to get rid of this garbage contact calls. I mean as you said Bowman went straight at Cox and initiates the contact and then makes his cut. Of course when they review it they see contact on the receiver and have to make the call. Yes it was a bs penalty as you said the one in Hamilton was too but again if it is called the way it is written the refs got it right. It isn't the refs it is the rules that need to be changed

The way it stands now the receiver just needs to run at the defender and allow contact after 5 yards and instant 1st down. This game is dying a slow death not by the bad play or the game itself but by how the rules are being changed that are suppose to be making the game better but instead are sucking the life out of it.

Exactly, same as the nhl., I had no problem watching a good 1-1 time in hockey, but they seem to be trying to please the u.s. Fans at the expense of the game. Here,they are doing it because I think they get bored in the winter.9

Definitely agree with this assessment.
Frankly, I would have thought we would be better then 1-8.
Not looking good. :cowboy:

On a couple of the challenges the "away from the ball contact" was arguably after the ball was dead. You could see on the larger screen replay that on one side of the field the ball is out of bounds or dropped while on the other side of the field incidental contact occurs in that split millisecond before the whistle.

In my opinion where the contact occurs away from the play , and in the opinion of the official the contact did not take away a potential opportunity ... it shouldn't be challengable or a penalty unless the contact meets threshold for a major penalty for roughing.

Now to be clear the call did not change the outcome as the riders stunk the joint out ..... but in the ticats game that challenged contact demonstrates this abuse of the intent. The contact happened at the same time as on the other side of the field the ball was dropped. The contact arguably occurred after the ball was dropped and a second before being whistled dead. The contact itself would not be ruled roughing. This is exactly the kind of challenge that should not be permitted. Unless it's a challenge of PI that took away an offensive opportunity or on the play being executed .... if not called on the field it shouldn't be challengable.

I agree but I would also add that it be applied to illegal contact calls also. Like I said if a defender clearly impedes a receiver from being involved in the play by holding or grabbing the jersey, knocks a receiver down or "rubs/picks" a receiver or pushes them from their route so they can not get to the ball, then it should be a penalty. All these calls for a brush or a minor tug on a jersey that had no effect on the intended target or effects the player that the penalty is being based on from being an intended target, there should be no penalty.

It should be banned for all plays were the infraction did not impede the play or deny an opportunity. The whole challenge thing has completely gotten away from the CFL. Alot of challenges now have zero to do with the play or denying an opportunity - they have become a game within the game. Challenges were never intended to become the hail Mary for a first down in case you fail the play, and that's what its become. All teams have folks scanning every play on the field hoping for the hail Mary challenge of something away from the play and irrelevant to the play.

Roughing the passer is the only one that merits replay irregardless of impact on play. All other calls including missed facemask calls should be submitted to the league for review and decision.... AFTER the game.

The Ugly - Riders could not contain the run - QB or RB. This killed us in the 2nd half.
The Bad - we need our injured starters back, especially on the O-Line. Needed better protection for DD in 1st half.
The Good - Riders did not give up and almost came back.

They are so close to breaking through and go on a winning streak.

Go Riders Go.

The good - Naaman Roosevelt, Starting to really like this guy!!

The bad- Our D it still sucks the big lemon

The Ugly- We lost yet again!