The Good Olde Days Of Football..Buffalo Style

Things are kind of slow here right now, so I thought I would tell this story.

My son is a sport fanatic and listens to the radio sports talk shows all the time. He called me the other day to tell me something he had heard on the Buffalo station.

A fellow was on telling about going to the Buffalo Bills games at old War Memorial Stadium. Some of you older guys might remember it, covered grandstands, big pillars in the way etc. I was there for a few games many years ago, Daryl Lamonica, Jack Kemp, Cookie Gilcrist etc. Bills left there for Orchard Park sometime in the 70's.

Anyway, turns out in the first years of the franchise you could bring your own beer into the stadium. That sounds great but get this. Apparently, according to this guy, if you bought a ticket adjacent to your parties seats and no one was sitting in it you were allowed to take in a "KEG" and put it in that seat for your use during the game. How awesome was that!

Imagine "LaGardia" searching guys in togas for KEGS at IWS. Cripes, we can't even bring in bottle water.

Just your laugh for the day :smiley:

Mat, I went to a game at War Memorial as a kid with my Mom, Dad and brothers. My Dad got tickets for a Bills game and Sabres game on the same day, Bills in the afternoon, Sabres at night, through Labatt Importers where my Dad worked, well he worked at main office in London but got the tickets through LI in Buffalo
Have to say I’m the only football fanatic in my family, it was a cold November/December day in Buffalo and while I was super excited seeing OJ play, my family couldn’t wait to get out of there and to the warm confines of the Aud to watch their favourite sport hockey. But for me, the football in the afternoon was great, I knew I was different from my family from then on. :wink:


That would have been an awesome day for a kid! I never went to the old stadium in bad weather but I remember watching on tv,the muddy field on rainy, foggy days with the winds of the lake.

My first time at the Aud I was afraid to leave my seat for a beer. The stairs at the edges of the rink were so steep I didn't thinks we should be drinking! Like climbing a ladder.

Wow, I wonder if all the empty kegs ever clogged the urinals?

Not quite a keg, but I recall a report of fans walking hockey bags full of beer right throught the gates of IWS:

I remember at Western Mustang games back in the 70’s, you could bring beer in to JW Little Stadium, not legally of course but they never checked you back then. It was a bit crazy even with 5,000 or so people although some games there were 10,000-12,000. I also remember going to a Michigan Wolverine’s game in the late 70’s and they actually allowed people to bring in a cooler and didn’t check it. Funny thing is I saw more drunks with 5,000 at a Western game than I saw with 100,000 at a Michigan game, or so it seemed. Go figure. :?

I imagine the KEGs he was talking about were the half kegs that you could rent for parties with air propellant for pouring. Probably had to take them back for deposit so no giant mickeys in the urinals.

At the 72 Grey Cup the guys in front of us had two of those old tins of draft that Carlesburg use to produce. They worked off air cylinders like you use in BB guns. They had them in a big gym bag and quite happily poured their own draft for the whole game. Wasn't unusual to see empty 12 and 24 pack cases under the seats when leaving the game either.

God, it brings a tear to your eyes lad.

Good ol' days of bringing your beer in. My Dad did the orders for Labatt's many years ago and Hamilton he mentioned was a '50' and IPA (don't make it any more) town, for the Labatt's products anyways. And then the craze went to lagers, and then light beers, all downhill from there, a shame. What Hamilton and IWS could have been if Hamilton stayed 'tough' and 'strong' with the likes of the stronger beers, or some would say rancid beers :slight_smile: . And then there was women's lib of course, colour TV's etc. :wink:

Stock Ale

All beers with flavour. Imaging being able to bring in "bubbas" of them. My wife, however, might divorce me the day after I drink a "bubba" of Guinness...

haha, I have no clue what you people are talking about what so ever.

Here is a history lesson, young grasshopper. Long ago, the Buffalo Bills played at a different stadium. Aparently the fans were "allowed" to bring in their own beer. Fast-forward to today. It would be awesome if we could bring in our own mini-kegs of beer into IWS.

End of lesson...

Since when can't you bring in a mini-keg? You guys must be going through the wrong gate.

Sigpig: Best explanation on an historic subject I ever heard! All Hail Alexander Keith!

We have occasionally smuggled in a 2-4 of beer. Openly carrying a keg in would be so much easier.

Talk of this nature always reminds me of Grey Cup '95, where the weather dictated lots of warm clothing - perfect smuggling conditions, and I was correspondingly loaded for bear. As I approached the gates of Taylor Field, I became worried that I would be found out. However, the Sask. fan in front of me in line put my fears to rest. He had an old orange juice bottle slung around his neck, filled with some kind of liquid, and on the bottle he had written "Grey Cup Hooch XXX" in magic marker. As he passed security and the ticket-takers, he was swinging the bottle around his head, all the while yelling "Grey Cup! Whoo-hoo! Let's get wailed! (etc., etc)." I braced myself for the RCMP tactical assault force to descend upon him, but instead the gate folk simply chuckled as he walked on in. What a town.

Apparantly, the increased IWS security (I said no food or drinks punk!) has caused a spike in the sale of Bar-noculars.

shhh...stop giving away all of our secrets. Before you know it other people will be using the "sneaky leaker" too.

sure... bring a keg, but don't bother with a half-litre of water....