The Good Old Days

Began watching the CFL during these days when it was on ESPN

Yes Vince found out that the cFL was not an easy league to play in. :lol:

Those were fun years, too bad more years like that won't happen unless TSN gave a really really big TV deal that no one would expect.

Something like Matching the NHL Deal CBC gave out, even I don't see that happening.
Although if it did.. hehe, CFL could Start Stealing some players.
but a second round pick that can make a huge impace sure thing.

Even with the CFL at 10 teams, that would be 10M each, cover player costs.

no way it will happen but fun to think of.

lookin at these pics, anyone else notice how the current jerseys very much look like the old school jerseys?

i wonder if RBK had that in mind when designing the new ones?

They Did most Jerseys were supposed to have old meets new aspects too them.

Thus the whole Orange bit in the Lions Jerseys.