The "good" from last night...

Mr Young, if you're reading this, great job on the stadium experience last night!!

Not getting into the football details...lots of threads on that as well.

But my experience was as follows:

  • Took the free bus from Limeridge mall down to stadium...which now drops you off right infront of stadium, as opposed to King St like last year.

  • Less than 5 people in line to get into stadium at 7:20pm. No issue getting into stadium.

  • Got up to the concourse to find no line-up to get to the bathroom.

  • After emptying the tank, went to get a couple line-up there either!

  • Beers in hand settled into the area with my group of friends....ALL who respected the "yellow line"!

  • Half time was simple getting in and out of the stadium.

  • End of half time went over to the south end zone for some good smoke shop eats

So no lineups to get into stadium, bathroom, food, or beer. Easy in and out at halftime.

The experience is great!

Let's just work on the football :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I was there last night as well; good crowd! I really like what the north and south endzone areas have turned into; big milling-around areas for people to get drinks and chat and watch the game. And the wins will come. :slight_smile:

Now Sully, if we could just land that first win near Hamilton Harbour, all would be good in the Hammer.

Pat Lynch (the old guy and Tom Hanks fan)

The wins will come ??? I beg to differ :o

Well there’s been a lot of winning at THF of late , that is if you play for the other team . Yup , every team lately that visits we always assure them that they’ll leave the stadium with a win . If anything the Cats are , they are a very accommodating host when other teams come to town . We may not make the play-offs this year but maybe we can win the league " Mr Congeniality" award for being so nice to all the other teams when they visit our stadium . :cowboy:


Thanks for this. There are a lot of hard working folks at the Ticats who put very long hours and much energy into providing all the services you mention above. You are very kind to take the time to acknowledge their efforts.

As I tweeted last night, Matt Afinec, who as President, is responsible for everything but football, wants all our fans to be happy all the time. A very high bar I’ll admit. :cowboy:

To this end he’s set up an email address to reach him at:

He is looking for any feedback anyone might have, from simple observations as to how we might improve things, to acknowledgements of staff members who might have offered exception service, to compliments and complaints.

Cheers, Bob.

One major improvement to improve the game day is to utilize the beautiful big screen to show replays. It was frustrating to no end last night with a VERY limited amount of replays showed. Makes one want to stay home to watch in the comfort of a mancave.

I tried the above email address and it kicked back as invalid…maybe not set up yet or Bob Young got it wrong…(it can’t be my fault :roll:

8) As per above post....What else is new around here !!! :roll:

Have seen great improvement this year ( Have had season tickets 15 years)

  • Fast lines to get into the game entered the stadium around 7:15
  • was able to grab a popcorn and two beers with in a matter of a few minutes of entering the stadium line was moving fast and make it to the seats before kickoff.
  • half time same thing concession line moved fast and was able to get back to the seats before kick off.... never would be able to do this in the past without missing half of the 3rd quarter.

-football game was exciting obviously better if the cats won

  • The friend that i took to the game text me this afternoon saying how great a time he had and cant wait to go to more ticat games in the future!

i thought the stadium looked about 2/3rds full at best. This could lead to shorter lines

Some good, and bad, signs from the day after:

Good on the coach and a nice comment from Keon, but the fact that he's in hospital today would suggest he's suffered a very serious knee injury.

Just after posting the above, I found this and learned it wasn't a knee injury:

Posted on July 21, 2017 by Justin Dunk //
Tiger-Cats rookie defensive back Keon Lyn suffered a broken femur against Edmonton, per sources.

I agree I think the actual attendance was around 18500

I stated concern last season that the luster on the new stadium was wearing off and the team needs to win. I say this out of concern because I was there through the years of 12-15000 fans in the stands. I don’t want to see those times and numbers return.

You can entertain people and make sure the beer is cold all you want but if you don’t win the people will stop coming! I can’t even remember the last home win for sure…was it Labour day maybe?

It seemed 2/3 full but a lot of people move throughout the stadium to watch the game.... There was very little tickets left on ticketmaster before the game

I wonder if there are fans who would argue the opposite? It’s hard to imagine anyone EVER saying this:
“I enjoyed the game but every time I looked up at the big screen they were showing football plays! I want to see random shots of other fans. If I wanted to see replays I could just stay home!”

I love being at the games and make all i can live. My wife and I took in this game together, my son and I the first one. I have gone to games on my own where i will listen to the play by play on radio and totally love it. I attend with friends where we gab so much we miss some action and rely on replay. When i find myself saying the viewing experience is better at home i think there is a problem. That was what i was feeling Thursday. Maybe others enjoy the crowd scans, advertising, kiss cam. i really want the big screen for replays. Just like the guy sitting at home gets.

Exactly right blackandgold, and especially the shots of the blitzed guys from the lounges and concourses. If they can't be bothered to watch the game, why should I be obliged to watch them? Not like I'm a proctologist or something.

Good, follow-up, by the new Commish:

[url=] ... -official/[/url]

Absolutely the right thing to do. Plus, IMO, there should be some educational component for the official who failed to eject him at the time of the infraction.


The correct email address should be :

my previous note included the "i" as as in: matt is here to help, when it should be: matts here to help Technically it should have the apostrophe, but they don't work in email addresses. :oops:

Cheers, Bob.