The Good for 2009

Ok, I am the only one who really likes this team for 2009. The receiving core became a force this year under Marcel, and the secondary is way better than last year (plus Dylan Barker is back next year). The changes needed for next year are completely within reach.

I listened to the coach on TSN state that only 6 players need to be changed (3 Offense, 3 Defense), and have to agree completely with him. An Offensive line change here and a Defensive line there in the 2008 season, we are in the playoffs. As funny as it sounds for a 3-15 team, he should stick with the plan and only make those little changes. This group of players has the heart, the passion, and the talent that we have been looking for soooooooo long. Marcel seems to relate well with this young team and the players get it.

Given the situation that Toronto (too old, need to rebuild), Winnipeg (no Milt, no Canada, weak QBs), and even Montreal (offensive line getting a little long in the tooth) are in next year, for the first time in a long time I feel strong about the Cats being 1st in the East in 2009 and even stronger in 2010.

2009 - East prediction

  1. Ticats (13-5), minor tweak, BIG improvement.
  2. Montreal (9-9), 2nd year coach problems on an aging team, plus player losses.
  3. Winnipeg (6-12), they will miss the playoffs due to the cross-over.
  4. Toronto (4-14), could be lower, there is no coach out-there that can rebuild during training camp.

Does anyone share my feelings or am I alone?
As for the Grey Cup............we'll see.

8) You're Alone with those feelings !!!! :wink:
   Realistically, we could not compete with Winnipeg at all today  !!!

   We lack the talent and overall team speed to even compete with them !!!!         <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Walt Disney didn't have that kind of imagination.

Cats are probably 4 more years away from a winning season.

If the Ticats are 13-5 next year I will eat my hat.

I believe the playoffs are a realistic expectation, but 13-5 is pushing it. I would be happy with 9-9 or 8-10, whichever one gets us a playoff appearance.

Let's see...our offence and defence lines are brutal.....quarterbacks are unproven (they're probably about the 6th or 7th best in the league).....secondary...still horrible. (probably about the 10th best in the league...and I'm counting the Calgary and BC scout teams)....running backs...possibly ok....linebackers...weak....our kicker is good...realistically, if you compare our team at each positon with the rest of the league, we are in the bottom half of the league in most positions....I've heard enough of "there's a lot of potential"...because that just means that they're not very good...I'm sick of announcers saying that we're so close...that we've only lost many of our games by less than a touchdown...(What does that mean other than maybe we scored some late points against 2nd or 3rd stringers)...look at it this way...we got killed today by the 3rd worst team in the league who were using their back-ups.. I see no up-side with this team


If you dream the impossible, you are only setting yourself up for a BIG letdown...

A 8-9 win season would be great...too many holes to fill all at once, too many questions to answer to hope for much more...

BTW, 18 sacks given up by the Als Oline was best in the league. Not bad for a gang of old guys...

improvements at 4 key positions mean the cats go 10-8.

I just don't see it..
Here what I see in 2009
1 Montreal 13-5
2 Winnipeg 10-8
3 Hamilton 5-13 (Saskatchewan Crossover 7-11)
4 Toronto 3-15

We are not that good and Everyone see it .
We are too young that is our biggest Problem.
Youth makes Mistakes. for every New guy on your roster it cost you 1 game.

They get 2 more wins but that's it ..

I can see 10-8

A new MLB who knows how to play the position is a must.

I almost put my foot through the TV a few times watching Anthony from the MLB position continually plug the wrong gap and watch NML freelance to his own beat and the Bombers RBs run through gapping holes. Too easy!

Oh yes, this was suppose to be the good.
Nice try Nick on that 57 yarder yesterday!

As time goes on, youth turns into experience, and those games that we lost in the last few minutes start to turn in to wins. That's the one advantage we have over every other team in the division, were young and their old, and eventually old guys become slower, and young guys learn the game and become faster.

Not optomistic for next year.

Another sub .500 season, and new head coach by the end of the year.