The Good,Bad and Ugly

Do to the fact that I missed the home opener and the Calgary game this was the first real game I got to actual sit and watch. Well as much as my 16month old would let me anyway. So here goes.


I thought our defense played a great game and did a great job of mixing things up to keep AC of balance. You are always going to give up big plays once in a while as this is the CFL. I thought Brooks played a fantastic game until the injury and Auggie seemed to play better of the bench. The backs played very well. Cahoon is not an easy man to cover. Every receiver should study Cahoon because Suter was right(oxymoron). He put on a clinic of route running.

The offense moved the ball well at times and it was nice to see them go down field more but the timing is still off as Maas does not seem to have that touch for the deep pass yet.

ST showed good a few times with there coverage and came up with a big fumble recovery.


The offense is to inconsistant there is absolutely no running game for Ranek. I do not think this O line is opening the holes the way they should be. Saying that if we do not stretch the field and start completing some big time plays then Ranek will not run. Jason has to be more consistant to many times is he trying to force balls in there. Saying that he needs to find the receiver and release quickly let the receiver run under it. (see Willie Quinnie play) However the receivers need sharper patterns to create that space.

Defense wise not to much except the odd broken coverage where a guy was left wide open and some missed tackles in the backfield. JC could not wrap anyone up with that broken thumb.

ST not much of a return game except for the one Yeast break and not mentioning the blocked punt. ( I thought he was offside)


Penalties and stupid ones at that. How many roughing the passer penalties. The only thing uglier was the amount of penalties Montreal took and we could not score 7.

Well that is my 2 cents. I am not ready to give up on this team there is too much talent there. Buckle down boys it is time to put your personal agendas in your pocket suck it up and get it done. Keep your heads up; the time to start a winning streak is next Friday at home in front of your fans.

I BELIEVE :thup: