The good, bad and Ugly of the cfl season by R Chevier


I would have to say sweeping the Edmonton Eskimos was a pretty big deal this year. Anytime you can go undefeated against your sworn rivals, it is a good thing. And since neither one of us won the Grey Cup, bragging rights are all we have.

As a player, my most memorable moment of the season, on a personal note, was when I scored the first touchdown of my career. To have my number called on offence was a dream come true, and the fact it was for six points made it even sweeter. After that once-in-a-lifetime experience, I now understand why grown men feel compelled to dance in front of thousands. It is really exciting.

Special Teams touchdowns galore! I was certainly glad to see the excitement return to the game in the form of special teams scores. Good on the competition committee for changing the rules in the kicking game to allow for more returns. Guys like Markus Howell, Dominique Dorsey, and Ian Smart put the 'Special' back into special teams. Who can forget how Keith Stokes electrified playoff viewers in the first round of the playoffs?

The parity in the league was amazing. Although Hamilton and Edmonton were last in their conferences, they still put up a good fight on most nights. Teams like the Riders and the Bombers returned to prominence. As for the rest of the league, it was crapshoot on any given night. Of all the games I watched, there was not one I could say was a bore or that I could easily predict.

I was happy to see Milt Stegall get his record. I would have liked to see him win last week, but I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too.

Finally, good for the Rider nation, their drought is over.


Rumours, rumours, and more rumours. Of all my professional seasons, this has been one of the most frustrating from a standpoint of rumours. As a team, we had to deal with more speculation and rumours than ever before. Anything from coaching changes, player changes, to ownership changes. Everything became fair game to write about. Nothing was left unsaid, and we were left to try to put out fires we did not even know existed. Some of it was hearsay and some became truth. All I know is, as a team, we dealt with the distractions as best we could and kept fighting each week.

Quarterbacks in the CFL dropped like flies. This year we saw every QB on every team miss games due to injury. One of the CFL's biggest weaknesses was exposed as a lack of depth at the most difficult position in pro sports was evident.

As players, we failed our league by allowing certain player suspensions to be overturned. A.J. Gass is a friend of mine but, the reversal of his suspension and Jason Jimenez's appeal marginalized the commissioner's power and led to a lot of bad press for the league.


Jimenez' hit on teammate Anthony Gargiulo was one of the ugliest things I have seen on a football field in a while. While Jimenez was having fun imitating Geroy Simon's famous Superman pose in the endzone two weeks later, Anthony was laying down with his foot in a cast wondering if he'd ever play again.

All the fights that occurred on the field during play this year really hurt the product. Although Canadians love a good hockey tilt, the CFL can't sell itself if, on a week-to-week basis, fans are witnessing junior B type brawls. The damage done is not catastrophic, but the commissioner will need to address it.

A home game against the Riders would not be complete without a streaker. I guess a $2,500 fine and a night in the slammer is a good way to spend a weekend. Besides large volumes of alcohol, what would posses otherwise normal individuals to run in front of thousands without their clothes on?

Especially on a cold night! They're not exactly impressing anyone, if you know what I mean.

True espically after labor day and they tell fans they will go to jail, And 2 minutes after the announcement we have a guy running naked on the field not to smart if you ask me. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Randy has done a good job with this article. Enjoy his articles. Now if they can just send Eric Francis anywhere who cares but just do not let him write about the CFL.

Good article!

Especially about the QB's. What he should have added was new rules were put in to protect the QB's but we ended up with more injuries!

He may have missed that one but your right.

To be honest, I wish they take a serious look at those new rules. I can't beleive that a QB running with the ball can't be tackled below the knees. My Grandson's coach always told his players "Wrap them up...Wrap those legs and you'll stop the runner." :expressionless:

Well sporty they keep putting rules like this in we will end up with a game much like the NHL reduced to Ice Capades by the rule changes but that is another subject. But there are some rules that need to be tweaked.

I wasn't a big fan of the 2 eskimo fans who ran onto the field during the grey cup, especially during a big play situation. and the fact they were doing it as a publicity stunt made me madder.

I think they need to make the fines tough on them. A night in jail is not long enough.

On that we can agree.

We agree more then you think! Merry Xmas and thats hope Santa gets that new Niky Lewis jersey you have always wanted.

My first live Grey Cup was 1975 in Calgary, it was 100 below zero(it felt like it anyways) and they had the first stripper at a Grey Cup. It should have been the last but at least it was a female. Ever since it is some bone head male almost every time. Too bad they can't all end up the the guy at the Flames game several years ago. Nobody wants to see some ugly guy showing his shortcomings. It's not original now and hopefully the host City comes down very hard whenever it happens.

I remember that? I went to Oakland a while back and they had bike riders racing through the streets of San Fran wearing only body paint. What the heck is that? It was not one or two it was close to 70 riders. The Ekies were playing!

Regardless of my criticizing Nik when he pulls a boner(and he does sometimes) I actually like the guy. I always have said he is a major talent and not once did I suggest he should be released. So yes I would love the Jersey.

I did suggest the Copeland should have been released and I have and do readily and happily admit I was wrong. Germaine was a class act all year and his play showed it. If the comeback player of the year was awarded for attitude adjustments, he should win it hands down.

Well cockiness does not attract right. I will get him to autograph a picture for you :lol: :lol: :lol:
But what everyone forgets is Niky is a young guy.

When you look at the guys on that Calgary offense, you have to wonder how the coaching staff could screw up so badly this year.

Is this what you're refering to?

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Not sure how you come up with them being Eskimo fans. The guy filming it says they were Rider fans.

that is what i was refering to, they also had a guy in the endzone lay out a banner for some ad, i didn't read it. And the reason I said they were esks fans because it appeared from my vantage point (upper deck 15 yd line pretty much exactly where they were running) that they were wearing green and gold. And from that video it looks like green and gold as well. Also did not hear the filmer say it was rider fans.

took a second look, looks like a tucker jersey.

My favorite part of that video is Eddie Davis going to everyone on the field and keeping them focused on the game, and not on the boneheads on the field. Man I hope we keep him.

The poster doesn't say it, it says so in his post, the title of his post that is.

Checked again and the only gold I see is the police officers vests and unless Tucker has changed his number to 87, I think you are trying to make a Mountain out of Blackstrap.

I do however agree the guys are idiots.