the good and the bad from the first exhibition game

the good (they stood out):

-Scott Mitchell
-Charlton Keith
-Tre Smith

the bad (ineffective):

-Jonathan Carter
-most of the DT’s

deserve a second look:


I thought John Williams (#23 RB) played very well. Nice runs, blocked very well and some great special teams coverage.

Nick Kordic (#41) was ll over the field making tackles and getting in on plays.

I too thought Siskowic played poorly.

The good-

My favourite cheerleader Jenny K. is back on the squad and she was looking fine.

The bad-

Stadium looked a little shabby, saw peeling paint on some of the bleachers and spots where the benches looked like the wood was split.

Also, despite Jenny K.'s appearance, I didn't care for the cheerleaders new uniforms. Need a Dallas-type cheer team.

No point in talking actual football until the games mean something. Nice to get the season started though.

The good - season starting shortly and time to be at the stadium again!

The new stairwells are excellent and he washroom I went in was cleaner than a lot of restaurant washrooms I go in. Nice job!
Yes, some of the wood is split on the benches but we are going after a new stadium with the Pan-Am Games and if this doesn’t work out, look for major upgrades to the stadium I think. So no sense pouring in tons more money at this point, just enough to keep the city safety inspectors happy.

Cheerleaders excellent IMO!

Kori sounded like he got a lot of pressure on the QB, even though he may not have laid a hand on him. His speed from the DE position can make opposing QB's nervous.

Bad - pretty boring game, but to be expected in pre-season.

Good - When they introduced the Blue Bombers before the game, they played the Weakerthans' "One Great City", which includes the lyrics "I hate Winnipeg".

Hear the full song here:

I was just surprised they used the 2nd verse which includes the word sucked

Typical exhibition game, more for the coaching staff and their films than for the fans.Mix of good, fair and bad plays.

One thing I was impressed with was that later in the game, the defence on the field was all rookies or free agents. Not one player from last year. They gave up yards for sure but if you watched, even they played as a unit. A good sign that the "D" should be a lot better than last season.

I sure hope so. They did pretty well and once we get our starters from last year in there, it will be even better.

Mays was pretty impressive and I know I heard Marcus Lewis' name a few times.

I don't remember Woodcock doing much. Both INT's were balls that should have been for him.

One thing I HAVE to comment on was the fact that Jason Farr was MUCH less annoying than usual. No nicknames. No Setta and Forgetta. He actually didn't make me want to rip my ears off this time. Nice job, Jason.

I forgot to mention that Jason Farr seems to have figured it out. Much better work than last year, which made my ears bleed.

Guy has always had the voice, but now he understands the job (I hope).

Be enthusiastic when appropriate, but be professional always.

Glad to read that.


Wooo hooo!! That just might be the best news going into the season so far! That's a big part of the stadium experience -- hope he sticks with that.

How was the crowd? I read about 15,000 and change...not too bad for preseason weeknight game. Thought that was relatively encouraging.

And....we are undefeated so far this season!!!!

We commented at that game that Jason had improved over last year and only wandered off a few times.

The crowd might have been 15,000 but it didnt look like it. If it was, it was mostly kids on free passes from somewhere. Our section looked like a party at Chuckey Cheeses. :slight_smile:

The cats will gel nicely this year. It`s good to know that Printers got a full training camp to learn the system. I hope the receivers show us something this year and that Printers can have a go to guy ( or 2)

On a sidenote. I like our unis, not so sure about the red on the pants? Not a big deal though. Just weird seeing a ticat uniform with red in it.

i read in the spec, that printers didnt have ANY open receivers all nite.

makes u question the release of armstead.

Don't open this can of worms. I agree with you, but you'll start a war with some other posters on here.

I agree with the "good".....even Woodcock. I hated that signing but he looked fast, aggresive and made some nice catches in tight coverage. I can admit when I was wrong and I was of the opinion that he had nothing left in the tank. He looks fully recovered from his injuries and I'm guessing he sticks.

I'm not sure what you were watching with Carter. He made a few nice catches and I loved his blocking downfield on a few plays. He didn't impress me to the point where I'm saying he should make the team just yet, but I thought he was pretty good last night.

Siskowic on the "bad" list?? That guy was everywhere on special teams. From what I remember, he was the first guy downfield every kick and must of had 5 tackles on special teams alone. I do agree he looked a little lost sometimes on defence, but that guy is a tackling machine. Once he got his hands on someone, they were coming down. What a beast! Let him learn a little before he starts on defence for now, but this guy should be on every special teams unit on opening night. Just my opinion.

Also, you're missing our entire offensive line on the "good". A pretty good start for this unit. Now I know the defence was laying off and not really attacking, but they were solid. All kinds of time to throw and good running lanes.....I was happy because it all starts in the trenches.

The Good:
Our beloved Black & Gold looked good for a first pre-season game. Next week will be even better.
2008 looks to be a positive year from what I saw, we've got some solid talent both rookie and veteran.
It was great to see "the regulars" in Box I again after a year away.
The Bad:
Some food concessions not ready to serve.
A couple of rude section attendants.
Cold food in the 3rd Quarter (how long were those fries sitting there....really?)
Same comments from some of the worst arm chair quarterbacks that I've been hearing since '85.
The Ugly:
None to mention.....this week.

Finally! someone else noticed this guy. He is a great open field tackler based on last nights game.

regarding the receivers- Tony Miles, Earnie Jackson and Chris Bauman sat out, as did Moreno and a few others. I hear Scott Mitchell, Jason French and Pat Woodcock played well. I am not worried.