The Gold Jerseys

Are the Cats wearing their alternate jerseys this weekend? If not, when are we going to see these things in action?

It will be this weekend vs. Toronto

As listed on the Promotional Schedule:

Game 5: Saturday August 12 - 7:00p.m.
Third Jersey Night - Presented by The Score
Special Third Jersey:
Tiger-Cats players will wear a special edition third jersey which will be signed and auctioned off after the game

Beautiful! Thank you.

will they be Auction off after the game
Where Ebay?

I remember hearing that (not sure if just 1, or all) the jersey(s) will be auctioned off following the game.

a live Auction would be hard to do..
it has to be ebay

The limited edition Gold third jersey will be auctioned on Ebay following the game. The jerseys will remain on the site for about a week.

Link and official release will be posted within the next few days. Stay tuned for more information.

its just a guess but id imagin that there is a third jersey sitting somewhere that was going to be worn by craig yeast. will this be actioned off as well because that was the only jersey i was interested in.

As KW stated...they will be auctioned off on ebay. Details are still being worked out but the auction will start late saturday following the game.

I will put a sticky up for this once the auction has started.

Great looking forward to it

Hmmm, does anyone want some mustard with their raw Argonaut?

I am not ebay literate and won't give my credit card number over the internet. I know I am a dinosaur but is there any way to get a game worn uniform for the dinosaurs?

The Ti-Cats do sell authentic jerseys. I should know, I have one of the Third jerseys with Jason Maas' name and number on it. It looks awesome! They also have the authentic black home and white road jerseys for sale, as well. Just go to the Ti-Cats site and click on the shop and hit "jerseys" and you'll see them. Hope this helps!!!

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Gawd, pants for the Black and Gold!

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