the Goats: Stegall and Rice

I'll say one thing. Milt seems to have more left at the end of his career than Jerry did.

If Uncle Milty plays for 5 more years, then we can make that comparison....

Different game boys,

Yes, but while Milt clearly has a lot of gas in the tank for a 37 year old, Rice played until he was 42 years old.
At the age of 40, in 16 games, he still got over 1200 yards, with 90+ receptions.
He did however try to stretch the career a couple of seasons too long at the end, which is never pretty to watch.
I don't think Milt will "hang on".
He'll either be an elite player still, or he'll hang 'em up.
So I do see Billy's point....

I dont care if you are a Winnipeg fan or not. Jerry Rice is not only the best receiver of all time, but is easily one of the top 5-10 football players of all time. Most of his records will not be touched.

Honestly, lets be real guys. If Milt was THAT good. He would have been offered serious money from the NFL and he wouldnt be in Winninpeg, and thats just the way it is.

Although he may be the best CFL receiver ever, there is absolutely no comaparison, sorry.

I wasn't trying to make the comparison in terms of talent, Jerry's the greatest ever. I was just putting out the dominance and playmaking ability of both players.

Wrong. For his speed, if Milt Stegall were a couple inches taller, there is absolutely no doubt that he would be in the NFL.

There is more to it than skill when it comes to playing in the NFL. Just ask Charles Roberts, Gizmo Williams, Pinball Clemons, Doug Flutie, Matt Dunigan and the hundreds of other world class American-born football players who excelled at all levels of American football but were denied access to the NFL because of the number under the "height" column.

Sadly, colour also has something to do with it. Warren Moon, Damon Allen, Marc Boerigter, T.J. Acree, and new Alouette Eric Deslauriers are all examples of unbelievably skilled football players who were again overlooked by the NFL because the colour of their skin doesn't fit the job description for their respective positions.

Take Eric Deslauriers, who ran the 40 yard dash in 4.4 seconds (same as NFL first round pick Ted Ginn). Deslauriers is 5 inches taller than Ginn (6'4" vs. 5'11"). Deslauriers also had more impressive college stats (898 yards in his senior year vs. 781 for Ginn).

So, why does Deslauriers, who is just as fast, taller and has more impressive stats rejeted by the NFL while Ted Ginn is drafted in the first round? Simple. Deslauriers is white, and the vast majority of NFL receivers are black. This is a trend that continues to grow as talented white players are either forced to switch to another position or simply overlooked by the NFL.

Ted Ginn Jr was taken so high for 2 other reasons.

a) A lot of people think he will be a great return man.

b) He went to Ohio State, which is a better college than Eastern Michigan St.

I'm a Bombers fan, but I can't believe you're even trying to compare Milt with Rice...

I don't think he is trying to compare the skill of the two receivers (that would be ridiculous). I think he is comparing how their dominance in their respective leagues has changed with age.

'Potential' is often sinonymous with 'being black'. Vince Young and Jamarcus Russell were taken so high because of their size and 'unlimited potential'. Brady Quinn was as good a QB in college as Russell, some would say even better. Nobody gave him credit for having 'unlmited potential', for the simple reason that he is white.

Recently, short QBs are allowed to play in the NFL, on one condition - they are black. While Michael Vick is labeled as the best athlete in the NFL and given chance after chance to succeed in Atlanta, short white QBs like Eric Crouch and Drew Tate are overlooked. Jared Zabransky will undoubtedly suffer the same fate. If there is a black man who is a good athlete but not a good QB, they will convert him to RB or WR. Case in point, Antwan Randle El, Brad Smith, Marcus Vick, Isiah Stanback. Why didn't they give Eric Crouch a shot at running back? He has good size at 6 feet and 205 pounds and unbelievable speed (4.2 40-yard). Instead, they try to make him a saftey, a position that relies heavily on backpeadeling and tackling. Crouch was doomed to fail from the start. Nevertheless, there are quite a few White safeties (relatively speaking), whereas white Running Backs are all Black in the NFL.

Black players are given chance after chance to meet this so-called "unlimited potential", while whites are labeled "overachievers", and "feisty", and are too often not given a fair chance to make the NFL.

Speaking of Jerry Rice, an amazing athlete called Mike Hass broke most of Rice's NCAA Div. 1-AA receiving records. Instead of being drafted high and given a fair chance like Rice was, Hass went undrafted in the NFL and now lives on some team's practice roster. He wasn't deemed to have the ahleticism and potential to succeed in the NFL. Trasnslation: He is white.

I think it's pretty safe to say that not all players who have the skills to play in the NFL, play in the NFL. There are a finite number of positions available and tens of thousands of players. It's absurd to think that just because a player isn't in the NFL he isn't necessarily good enough to be there. Sure that applies to many who are simply beat out for a position on a team or two , but who's to say that they couldn't make it on some team given the chance. That's what separates many players in the CFL from those in the NFL — they are given a chance here where they weren't in the NFL for many reasons not all of which have anything to do with talent.

Good point. Besides the issues I already talked about, there are many others.

For instance, when Geroy Simon was at Chiefs camp, hewasn’t given a fair chance. Here he talks about it.
“The thing was, I was tired of just being there and not getting the true opportunity that I deserved. When I was with the Kansas City Chiefs, I felt I was one of the best receivers and the reason I didn’t make it was because of money. They had given signing bonuses to other guys and were committed to other guys, and when it came down to it they just decided to keep them. I guess they couldn’t justify keeping me, who they didn’t given any signing bonus; a lot of money wasn’t committed to me. I just got tired of playing that game. I wanted to go somewhere where they were going to tell me the truth. If I wasn’t good enough, just tell me I wasn’t good enough. I think that’s why I’ve stayed with the B.C. Lions over the years, because Wally Buono is a straight shooter. He’s going to tell you if you’re good, he’s going to tell you if you’re bad. That’s all I want. As a football player, as a man, if I’m not good enough, I’m man enough to take it. I’d rather someone tell me, “Geroy, you’re just not good enough, we’ve got to let you go,? than to give me a whole bunch of different excuses or sit there and tell me I’m good and then cut me two weeks later.”

Jerry Rice got to where he did because of his tremendous work ethic. Dont argue with me on the NFL, because I will win, I guarantee you.

In this years draft, Anthony Gonzalez, who is white, was taken in the first round. I'll give you a list of the white guys taken in the first round draft, in you like.

Anthoney Gonzalez was still drafted way lower than he should have been, considering his speed, size and college stats. Besides, the Colts are one of the most tolerant teams towards whites, I believe they are the only team to currently have 3 white Receivers under contract in Standeford, Moorehead and the afforementioned Gonzalez. They also had Ricky Proehl and Brandon Stokely, 2 more whites. Could this possibly be why they have consistently contended for a Super Bowl over the past 5 or so years? Had the Colts not drafted Gonzalez with one of the last picks in the first round, he might not have been drafted until the third.

I know very well that there were a few Whites drafted in the first round, but only Gonzalez played at a "skill position".

The only reason people always talk about Jerry Rice's work ethic is because it's so common for gifted Black athletes to be lazy, which made him the exception. A strong work ethic hasn't whelped Mike Hass, who wasn't even recruited to a Division 1-A school after being one of the best Receivers ever coming out of an Oregon high school.

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What about Brian Leonard, the white RB out of Rutgers who could run as fast, jump higher and was bigger than 11th pick Marshawn Lynch but wasn't taken until the 52nd pick. To make matters worse, he will likely be made to play fullback! Why??? There is no possible explanation besides his skin colour! Explain that one, racist!!

[b]I felt I was one of the best receivers and the reason I didn’t make it was because of money. They had given signing bonuses to other guys and were committed to other guys, and when it came down to it they just decided to keep them. I guess they couldn’t justify keeping me, who they didn’t given any signing bonus; a lot of money wasn’t committed to me[/b]
I think both of you have it wrong-- its not skin colour that teams are worried about, its another colour-- green. Money is the main reason these moves are made. TIMH, to out and out call someone a racist is wrong, I would go back and read the forum guidelines if I were you.

Are you forgetting something? Geroy Simon is black.

Did not you not read the post? Simon himself says it was because of money, race does not enter the equation at all. Only you see it that way.

Of course! Geroy Simon is black! Blacks dominate the receiver position! Why would they discriminate against him because of his race?

Have you ever heard of Brian Leonard, sambo?

You are totally missing the point-- he was released because of the money that was invested into other players, not because the colour of his skin. Really, TIMH, if Simon thought it was a race issue, dont you think he would have said something? You are reading too much into this, and you are looking quite foolish doing it.