The Goalies are hot in the eastern semi


2-0 MOntreal at the half. The goalies are hot!!! Wow!!!

Whom ever is calling the plays for HAMILTON has been hanging around Rob Ford too much. :wink:

Hamilton , take the 3 points....
When it is 2nd and 1 DON'T call a reverse 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage...
Hamilton , remember that you have the use of time outs...
I could go on and on and on... :roll:

This game could have been 40 to 0 for Montreal at this point.
At least the ALS know when to give the ball to , Sutton.

However HAMILTON , has a better goalie and should win with better play calling in the second half. I HOPE!!! :cowboy:

I expect the rating to be higher than expected - given the pitiful scoring. It is a ton of fun to watch.

7 turnovers. 5 points.



A masochistic brand, perhaps. The way my wife is looking at the remote suggests its far from universal. Most of what I've seen has just been poor play in offense,which is in no way fun.

Sorry to hear that. Make sure you let her know that you are the man and the remote belongs with you. :lol:

Dave stalla shows us Canadians can throw a football.

New drinking game-everytime the say heisman take a shot

Hamilton , is choking again. Brutal play calling [throw 5 yards passes on 2nd and long] , BURRIS throwing Int. & over every one's head. FANTUZ , the most over rated receiver in the CFL dropping the ball [nice pass by Stella].
Can HAMILTON , pull out this game... we will see... :roll:

The people catching pneumonia in the stands must be like damn its not even gonna be worth it

Have you checked out the Temp. in Regina? :roll: It's windy, doesn't look all that cold.

WOOOOOOO!!!! CATS WIN , CATS WIN... very lucky but they pulled it out. Another CFL classic at the end :smiley:


You may as well just start chugging the bottle. Wholly crap does TSN have crush on Troy Smith,

Did you happen to hear that Duron Carter is the son of All-Pro NFL receiver Cris Carter? 8)

You'd think they'd mention something like that.

Are you guys saying someone in this game won a Heisman? Wow. I guess he's destined for an all-star CFL career, like Andre Ware.

Here's an early Christmas gift for all the TSN broadcasters and panel crew!!!!! :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :roll: