The GM has got to go back to desk duties

The Als aren't going anywhere fast and they are self destructing. The players do not want to play for this coach/GM or whatever he calls himself ( from a reliable source ). It is so frustrating to see this team collapse after the Don was forced out by an egocentric and self centered GM. Larry are you listening ?

Big trouble is what I see. He has such a huge ego that if forced to step down as coach I would hate to see what will happen between him and the next coach. As GM he can set him up to lose. With his ego anything is possible. I say he has to go-- period. Let him be the GM somewhere else. He took his shot and he has to pay the penalty.

Yeah I agree with you guys. Now did Popp do most of the recruiting cause it seems like you guys didnt do a very good job of that this year.

He couldnt possibly have done the scouting work he normally does every year. At this point if he gets tossed off the sidelines he will be taken out of all his capacities because he will have lost so much respect among hte players theres no way hed be able to continue