The GM Guessing Game. Steve Mliton

A look at possible candidates who could be
the next Ticat general manager

November 06, 2007
Steve Milton
The Hamilton Spectator

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Bob O'Billiovich is the front runner

Bob O'Billovich is B.C.'s director of player personnel.
Obee has been GM of the Argos and the Lions
and still lives in Oakville.

Jim Popp: Greg Mohns:

Tom Higgins: Dan Maciocia:

Matt Dunigan: Mike McCarthy:

Dan Rambo: Brendan Taman:

Jim Barker: Wally Buono:

Roy Shivers: Adam Rita:

             Scott Mitchell:

Forget Jim Popp. Marcel was the beginning and end of the Montreal cloning experiment.

These People don’t have a Chance:

Roy Shivers :Blew his chance with his mouth.

Dan Rambo: Happy doing what he is doing.

Brendan Taman: Likes being in the Peg.

Matt Dunigan: Loves doing TV not enough GM Experience

Wally Buono: Not Chance BC Lets him Go

Mike McCarthy: Should be the GM But won’t be their looking outside the Ticats for a GM

Dan Maciocia: Would be good for Charlie but not the Team. He be Better Fit in Montreal or Hamilton as part of a Coaching Staff.

Jim Pop Could happen but Won’t

Tom Higgins Not Enough GM Experience

Scott Mitchell: Too Busy Being the headman of the Ticats Business Side

so here are the Top 4 People.

Greg Mohns: 4
Jim Barker: 3
Adam Rita: 2
Bob O’Billiovich 1

i would love Hugh Campbell...that guy always find the esks players and as a coach he had the killer instinct.

He be Great Choice but is Retired from Football

I think you've got things narrowed down pretty good Onknight.
My money is on Barker from Calgary, though.

  1. He's nearing the end of his third season as GM with the Stamps. If he signed a three-year contract like most seem to do, it will be set to expire this year and he'll be free to move.
  2. Mitchell said he wants someone who will make the Cats immediate winning contenders next year. In his first year with the Stamps (2005), Barker took them to an 11-5 record. This after a 4-14 record in 2004.
  3. Mitchell wants to be aggressive on getting players for next year. Again, in Barker's first year with Calgary he brought in the likes of Jermaine Copeland, Henry Burris, Ken-Yon Rambo, Rahim Abdullah and a whole bunch more.
  4. Mitchell's old man is a governor and part-owner (I think) of the Stamps. Scott will have inside info on Barker's modus operandi and character. The younger Mitchell probably already knows him fairly well.
  5. Barker has CFL experience in spades, including winning two Grey Cups as a coach.
    I don't think any of the other possibilities are quick team turn-around artists or have that record, although correct me if I'm wrong.

Bob O'Billiovich would be by far the better Choice just with his Experience Alone.
He has been the Main Talent Finder in BC
Look at QB Talent alone He has Found for BC

You could be right about Jim Barker “castaway”. Especially with Scott Mitchell’s Calgary connection, and Barker is a pretty good bird dog.
I remember when Tom Higgins was hired by Calgary the story line was that he would coach for 2 or 3 years and then move up to the GM job. I think the 3 years are up so where does that leave Jim Barker. Very possibly in Hamilton.
Barker comes across as being a charmer, I know he was a players coach when he was with the Argos.
Desjardins spent too much time IMO trying to play “the heavy” to make a name for himself. Doesn’t work very well in this day and age.
But the more I think about it Jim Barker is the best fit for Hamilton right now. They need quality imports and he’s one guy that has proved he can deliver.
I don’t know what to think about Charlie staying. I believe players would want to play for him, but he has to have top notch a OC and DC to be successful. Don’t know if there’s any proven ones available though.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Bob O'Billovich and talking with him. I thoroughly respect him as a football man. If he can be signed, he'd be my choice. Jim Barker would be a strong second.

Oski Wee Wee,

You can't go wrong with either O'Billovich or Barker.

I would like Bob O'Billovich. He has been in the CFL forever. I think he would opt to keep Taaffe and probably be able to provide good assistants for him. One of his demands would be a constant supply of "ice cubes"

Hmmm. Many connections and coincidences when it comes to Jim Barker. I'd say he would have to be the # 1 frontrunner right now.
I was leaning towards Greg Mohns but the direct lines to Barker are too much to ignore.

Hey,what about Leo Cahill? Is he still alive? I dunno why,but I always liked him.

why is adam ritas name being tossed around?

hes not leaving the argos.

From Nov. 8th 2007

The Latest from the Edmonton Eskimos.

An announcement is widely expected
in the next two weeks confirming

head coach and director of football operations
Danny Maciocia will hold both jobs in 2008.

But Maciocia offered up lukewarm support
for offensive coordinator Jacques Chapdelaine,
whose future in Edmonton appears cloudy.

Barker, another one of our fans. If he comes to town maybe he'll come riding in with his vintage Forbidden Website t-shirt!

I haven't seen anyone throw this name into the mix for consideration of the Cat's next GM - Paul Jones from the Eskies. He always seemed to get good Amercian talent but from what I have heard in the past that he is based in the US, would he come north to take the job of GM?