The Gliebermans are taking over in Ottawa

There are two articles on the same subject this morning in the Globe and Mail. It looks like its a matter of days (hours?) before the Gliebermans buys 51% of the Renegades.

The paper says Lonie Gliebermans is in town to perform a "due dilligence". While I'm no business expert, I believe the due dilligence is the process that involves giving access to your financial books to a buyer who already agreed to buy your property, pending that what he sees in these books match what you already told him about your financial situation.

The article also said that the commish Wright turned down a demand of Ottawa current owners to get league money so they could live through 2005.

As well, Wright sent a letter to the current owners saying the situation in Ottawa is perceived as harmful to the CFL. The word "harmful" was carefully selected by the commish, because in the CFL Constitution, article 3.08 says the league can take over a team even if it hasn't missed a payroll yet if its management is believed to be harmful to the league. The letter was then a way of saying: "straighten things out NOW or I'll straighten you out".

Maybe some of you don't like the Gliebs, but at least it garantees that the Ottawa won't fold again... at least not now.

... and yes, the article said the Gliebermans were bringing Forrest Gregg (and possibly Dester Manley) with them.

...what about Marc Gastineau? Are they bringing him too?!?!?!

....or Brian Bosworth?!?!?!?

Hmm pregnant cheerleaders...courtesy of Loonie...... That will be a interesting dance team....,.

The Gliebermans are smart, IMO. Eventually they may be able to buy out the other owners and do completely what they want and this would be to move the team to an American city if the team is not supported in Ottawa.

The Globe and Mail said all current owners but Bill Smith would be bought out. Smith would increase its participation from 30% to 49%.

If the Gliebs move the team to some American city, they'll have to play with a max of 19 players. When was the last time a complete football squad played on both sides of the ball?

No, they will be allowed to play with all Americans. Owners are usually loyal to each other and if the Gliebermans are doing good things with the team, they will have clout in the CFL. Basically they will say "I'm moving the team to such a city in the States that I know will support the team and I want to have players from whereever and if you don't want this I'll sell the team to whomever, which could be another person who barely has enough money to run a team properly and get out again and the CFL will continue to be straddled with a mess."
Now I don't know if something like this would actually happen but it is in the realm of possibility, me thinks.

Expansion into the US again has to be approved by the league, so I don’t see this scenario happening. If the team doesn’t work in Ottawa and they want to move, it would have to be to a Canadian city (possibly Quebec City or Halifax).

So Ottawa gives up one clown ownership for another. Hilarious! Gee, I wonder what all those Ottawa fans are thinking now. Just when things were looking up for the CFL, they stick their foot in their mouth again by approving the Gliebermans??. This is a blackeye for the CFL. You can kiss the Ottawa franchise goodbye now. I feel sorry for Ottawa fans treated to more mickey mouse owners. You deserve better. As a supporter of the Lions and the CFL, I am disgusted by this turn of events. JOKE!!! You can expect more sheninagans in Ottawa with the Gliebermans.

I have to agree with BCCFLFAN From one circus to another. I read "The Coach" es comments on another thread and he felt the Gliebermans had a tough go with the Ottawa Mayor. I don't know, will 10+ years in exhile mature the Glieberman's? I better on Circus.

Ottawa fans....What's your input? Supersmith, haven't heard you for a while, clue us all in!

There is an excellent article in the Hamilton Spectator this morning quoting Bob Young. Below are excerpts:

Hamilton Tiger-Cat owner Bob Young says he considered taking over the floundering Ottawa Renegades franchise for the coming season.
“The thought has crossed my mind, let me put it that way.” Young told The Spect yesterday, adding he believes his front offfice staff of Christopher Dean, Rob Katz and Debbie Slingerland could turn around the club in the same way the Tiger-Cats rebounded from death’s door last season.
Young admitted he didn’t give the idea of taking over the Renegades serious thought.
"I think fans should treat it as a another episode in the CFL soap opera, Bob Young say. Young said he finds the latest ownership crisis “hugely entertaining.”
“Is it a crisis? Absolutely, it’s a crisis but that’s what makes it so damn fascinating, to see how this crisis is resolved.” Young said the Ottawa situation is very similar to the one he found when he took over the Hamilton franchise two years ago.
"Ottawa is falling into the bad habit of what the Hamilton franchise used to suffer from. They are blaming their fans and blaming the community of Ottawa for not supporting their business operation.
“The fans have no obligation to go and watch the Renegades play.”
“You can be sure there are ownership groups out there who are looking at this, who say the reason they are in trouble in Ottawa is not that Ottawa is a bad market but these guys (the current owners) are idiots simply by looking at some of the things thy’ve been saying in front of the press,” he said.
He added that the Ottawa ownership structure, which involves a six-party group, is part of the problem. Young called it a “boat anchor.”

Its good to know the true financial picture for the Gades, but Lisowski hasn't been very professional about how he's gone about it...Yep, the Gades owners are a bit of a joke. Like I said, six owners is rediculous! Too many cooks in the kithchen. That said, what must be done to make the league profitable? Packaging the game and selling it internationally might help. How about a "CFL Weekly" packaged by TSN and sold stateside and overseas...There are ways to make it work. Hamilton proves to be a good case study. As for a salary cap, lets face it. This will not be respected. It would be better to allow violation of the salary cap with a small monetary penatly, maybe 10% and put the penalty money into a reserve fund for financially strapped teams. Just a thought...Regardless, by my calculations, the Gades would need to pack Landsowne every game to break even...

I think that it is amazing that in a supposedly hockey-mad country like Canada, that a professional football league, while having lots of ups and downs, has survived so long. This is a testament to really how great a game the CFL is. If Canada were more like the States where one game isn't the countrys "main game", if you will, (although one could argue that football is indeed the main game in the US now) then it would be easier for other games to flourish.
Someone recently reminded me that the CFL operates in a more free-enterprise system than the NFL. In the NFL, a poorly run franchise like the Phoenix Cardinals, could survive and make money because of the sharing of a huge TV contract and the owners could just carry on and not have to do much to promote the team whereas in the CFL, without this big TV money, the owners have to work more to be sure the franchise is successful.

Radio said this afternoon that the Gliebermann ownership acquistion is a done deal.

Wheres the nun from Saskatchewan? I think we need her to lead us in prayer.

"Our father who art in heaven....

Please deliver the CFL from the hands of the insane,(Glibermans)

Founds this on the wire....

Loonie Glieberman was quoted today in an interview that the coaching decision has been narrowed down to Forrest Greg, Tom Landry, and Vince Lombardi, although Loonie was hopeful that Vince would return his repeated phone calls soon.

On other team matters, Loonie said he would take a hands on approach when picking the cheerleader squad. When asked what talents he looked for, he replied that it didn’t matter as long as they were breathing.

In other news from the Nations capital, 3 people dressed in Renegade jerseys where seen on a bridge rail 45 minutes after the story broke. We’ll keep you posted as this story breaks.

Hehehe... I just saw this and thought I'd bring you last year' reaction to the news...

Thanks a lot, T & T. Now I need a big honkin' handful of Motrin. Thanks, guy. :roll: