The Glenn injury

Back in the mid eighties, I play ball on a winnipeg church league team. One of the guys was on the ground and reaching for a ball, had his hand on the ball, when a player landed on his arm and broke it so bad the bone was visibly sticking out. Ever since then, I have been amazed that we dont see such injuries often on pro. Today is the first time I have actually noticed it happen, although Glenns arm doesnt appear to have bone showing. Lousy lousy break for the bombers.

If one wants justice for todays game, one hopes the bombers hang on to win. However, if they do, then they might as well just hand the cup to the western winner if Glenn's injury is serious enough to keep him from being 100% next week.

Even though I be cheering for Argos, its a damn shame.

I honestly dont know why anyone on the west would be cheering for the argos right now.

it is almost guarenteed that the West will win the GC this year, but facing the argos on their turf might dim the chances. And now that Glenn is injured, looks like they will be easy pickings if they make it to the GC.

Hope he returns to finish the argos first :slight_smile:

I cheer for pinball, no matter where he be.

I haven’t seen much of the game, but it sounds like a tough break (no pun intended) for the Bombers.

Even with Dinwiddie at QB next week, it is hardly a guarentee that the west will win.

Well the Bombers will NOT win next week.

I'm not sure, but I don't believe the Lions have ever won back-to-back Grey Cups.

They haven’t; I’ve looked.


Edmonton, Hamilton, Calgary, Montreal, or Toronto will NOT win next week :cowboy:

....the west really has no book on Dinwiddie....and he's got a shot at one more win...goBigBlue... :thup: :rockin:Congrats Bombers

How about a little credit for the Bombers? The offence owned the best defence in the league (105 yards for Roberts, Glenn was amazing), special teams played awesome (blocked field goal, punt return touchdown) and the defence shut down the rush (31 rushing yards) and Bishop for most of the game.
No game is a given in the CFL, and the Bombers have beat the Lions and the Riders this season. Don't be so confident, it came back to bite Kevin Eiben in the butt.

i was afraid when my qb went down and then dinwiddie stepped up throwing 4 balls for 85 and what should have been a td. really close call on edwards.
I hope Glenn will be ok but i am more then confident that this team can form behind dinwiddie one of the best dressed NCAA QB's in history and lead us toa GC win.

Nows Dinwiddies time to shine.

However Glenns wrist that he probably broke...wasnt his throwing arm. So couldnt they cast it up, and put him in next game?

If not, I have 1000% confidence in Dinwiddie. and Charles Roberts.

its the CFL, anything can happen. Today was a good example. I bet the argos didnt expect us to score that much.

Well atleast Eiben anyway =p

latest reports state it is a broken arm and he will sit next week. :frowning: time for the team to back dinwiddie and win us a GC for glenn and stegall.

Just heard that as well. Bad news for the Bombers, but if you guys can beat Toronto's D on their turf, I'd say you guys still have a good chance of winning.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Dinwiddie practicing with the #1 offence this week!

Please don’t Mike Quinn on us Ryan!

...are you really Kevin Eiben.... :smiley:

Yes Im a Rider fan. But my heart is just broken in two for Kevin Glenn. Seriously, he is an amazingly talented football player and when the Riders have the fortune of meeting them in the Cup it will be the biggest shame to have him sit out. I was making my way to BC Place when it happened so I didnt know the extent of his injury until just now. We should all say a prayer or do what you do to ensure a full and expedient recovery for Kevin.


I'm wondering if Khari Jones can still play the game. Is he in shape? Remember, he did sign a contract so that he could retire as a Bomber.
Wouldn't that be a storybook ending if Khari got a second chance at a Grey Cup ring and we win next week?

Khari can barely roll out of bed these days....let alone a pocket.