The glass half full

CFL Salary Cap: Minimum - Maximum

2010: $3,900,000 - $4,250,000
2011: $3,900,000 - $4,300,000
2012: $4,000,000 - $4,350,000
2013: $4,000,000 - $4,400,000
2014: $4,400,000 - $5,000,000 (new CBA)
2015: $4,450,000 - $5,050,000
2017: $4,500,000 - $5,150,000
2018: $4,600,000 - $5,200,000
2019: $4,650,000 - $5,250,000 (new CBA)
2020: $4,700,000 - $5,300,000 (season cancelled)
2021: $4,750,000 - $5,350,000 (teams supposedly spent to the floor)

2022: To be negotiated and determined by the new CBA. The number being floated as something wanted by the owners is $5 million.

Coaches cap was the idea of the collective Team Presidents after Randy Ambrosie pointed out that those salaries were steadily increasing. Farhan Lalji has previously stated that the coaches cap is expected to increase by about $200,000.


BC still hasn't addressed the leaky offensive line problem that's resulted in so many Michael Reilly beatings. Until they upgrade that one glaring weakness I don't see them making the playoffs. Again.

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BC is going to use 3 Americans on the OL.

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That would be my concern as well. Also whether their non established QB experiment will work. We’ll see.

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Good info. Do you happen to know if there is any reliable source for what all teams actually spent each year?

Suttle increases in increments.

Would expect the cap to be as is for the time being.

The 5 million is a soft number to go back to.

League does not release how much teams spend every year. They will only mention if somebody is over the cap for the previous season around April when the audits are complete. Salary information is submitted by teams after game 6, game 12, and at the end of the season.

For this off-season, CFL GM's have not know roughly how much they can spend to sign and re-sign players before the CBA is even completed.

Because salaries are not released to the public, only a guess can be made to what GM's have been spending this off-season, but most likely the GM's expect the new cap will to be around $5 million.

Hey, I'm all for players making money but the league has to survive.

Revenues are DOWN. I can't see salaries going up any time soon. It would not be good business.

No, such a source does not exist. Apart from the three community owned clubs which publish all of their books, although only broken down departmentally. The rest of the league, nada.

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That I can agree with. Just threw it out there. I mean the CFL wouldn't be foolish enough to go for it would they.

Then again based on how they have conducted business, anything is possible.

100% correct, I've tired to explain that many times, to many people..... They just don't follow

Yes, at the risk of taking this thread way off topic into economics outside of football, money is an abstract concept to the vast majority of people. People would do well to understand that money is not wealth. It is simply a means of trade.

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That is too bad. There is no justification for the secrecy when the league is supported by the public.

Seems a waste, but that hole has to be plugged fast,

I believe we all have stress and hardships, some more than others.
Overall I live my life as a glass full person, But that's not the topic at hand.

Let's see, half full or half empty.....

They're times my glass is completely empty, bone dry, nothing but dust. I always find someway to make it half full. Friends, family, Co-workers, sometimes I bury myself in projects while deep in thought or surround myself with people I love and sometimes yes, it can be right here.

Other times my glass is overflowing, again...I always find someway to make it half empty. Friends, family, Co-workers, sometimes I bury myself in projects while deep in thought or surround myself with people I love and sometimes yes, it can be right here.

My trick, I always have lots of glasses stowed away all over the frickin place. Friends, family, Co-workers.......well you know the drill.

All of which are at different levels. I always keep some extra glasses for others who may be in need of a top up. If one day you find your glass is empty, contact someone, including people here, you can always PM me as well, I will listen.

Well said. I remember when my Alouettes had their Grey Cups overflowing with champagne for two years in a row.
Enjoy that ride!