The Game

What is this ?

No smack talk yet, okay, here is why the Bombers will win on Sunday.

  1. The Rider run defense has not been great and everyone knows, you stop the run, you beat the Bombers.

  2. The Riders turnovers on offense, again, the Bomber thrives off turnovers and the Riders have been very generous in that regard.

  3. Coaching, Miller tends to make bad decisions in big games, this one won't be any different.

  4. The 'x' factors, Bombers have both in Bishop & Bowman. Armstead just won't be in game shape yet to make a difference.

Add it all up and spells a Bomber win, probably by 5 points.

LOL im glad your so optimistic I honestly dont think this game needs any smack talk at all

Bowman sucks, that's why Saskatchewan Got rid of him! couldn't catch the ball!!

Well for the one reason you're giving Winnipeg the win is the same reason they'll lose....Bishop will be playing! :lol:

AMEN! Bishop will sooner or later trip up...

Im actually anticipating a very close game.

I'm thinkin' the Roughies will be prepared for the run. It'll be close and the Riders will win provided they don't snooze during the third quarter.

We were all worried that Cobb would run for 150 yards. The Riders stopped the run and beat Hamilton. If they stop Reid they will win on Sunday. My prediction is Bishop will throw 2 or 3 interceptions and Riders will score in the 3rd quarter and go on to win by 10.

:lol: looks like your predictions are pretty spot on so far. Oh and I heard someone over there calling Regina the crotch of Canada, well that would make Winnipeg the a**hole :wink:

Chick is raping January.

I think the word is pwned! :smiley:


eat that crotch of canada Kelly! How's that stink?????

Yes what a stop.

Good win Riders, if the Bombers turn the ball over 6 times next week, you can get out the brooms.

So how do you like your crow, piggy?.... :wink:

Tasted one crow, you have tasted them all sambo. :lol:

10 points off turnovers, and the stuffed TD at the end of the half, and despite how bad the Bombers played, could have been a win.

Next week will be interesting.

Theres no way the Bombers were winning that game. They didn't have a chance from the get go, they only made it temporarily close cuz of the Riders notoriously pathetic 3rd quarters and even then it ended up 10 - 7 Bombers in that quarter with a late Rider TD. I don't see the Riders losing the Banjo Bowl to this team. Winnipeg is a pretty crappy team.

Nicely done! You were pretty bang on with your presumption and prediction for this game.

The only reason Winnipeg lost was their offence played bad. Like the Rider defence had nothing to do with those turnovers and the goal line stand? :lol:

Time for revenge.

Bombers are going to grab the Riders by the throat, and throw them to the turf, and twist and grind and stomp them into the ground. They are going to be so badly broken, your coaches won't know how to put them back together again, I hope.