the game surprised me but it also frustrated me

i was really surprised that we came so close to winning this game. i watched it on TSN and i was quite impressed for the most part..our team is rebuiding itself and we are getting stronger..i can tell. The game against montreal we came so close to winning and then playing BC last night we came even closer to winning.

Jesse Lumsden was amazing..he charged through those BC Lions like they were stick men on the field. Our defence played really well and they were consistent. we had a few problems here and there but we will get better.

Penalties are still killing us and we have to work on that. When we get over 100yds in penalites every game..we have a problem! Not only that...but when our rushing game is our only game and our passing game sucks...thats not a good combination. We cant rely on Lumsden all the time. We will end up being too predictable to CFL defences. They will keep going after Lumsden and Holmes. If they dont stay in tip top shape..they will eventually get hurt. The receivers need to work for the ball and stop letting defensive backs and cornerbacks beat us out a lot of the time.

other then that, were not playing that bad.


I agree. i think were getting stronger and I can see the makings of a great team. if we can fill the quarterback position. We will do some damage. I was at the game and it was fustrating to see that we had them on the ropes. yet couldnt finish them. If Maas could have put a couple tds together, We definately would have won.

The defence played great. but i think in the 4th quarter they were just plain tired from being on the field too long.

Next game, if we can put together a few t.d`s we should win it!!!