The Game Nobody is Watching Thread - Argos & Redblacks

Cricket Time in the “Official Thread”… wonder why.

it’s been a good game so far.

great interview with Pinball.

Toronto looks pretty good. MBT is playing strong, throwing accurately.

Green seems to have an extra jump as well.

Enjoying the game so far, just not the score.

A small (very small) part of me wants to see Toronto succeed now that they brought Pinball on board.

It’s very tough to not like him!

Green is having a game!

I’ll keep editing this post with comments, instead of spamming this thread.

Smiling Hank is doing better tonight than last week for the Cats game.

He is speaking less, and giving some space. Maybe he read the comments on here :slight_smile:

Congrats SJ Green, one of the all-time receivers in the CFL.

damn, an onside kick to start the 2nd half…

only in the CFL :slight_smile:

damn, an onside kick to start the 2nd half...

only in the CFL :slight_smile:

Burris is absolutely terrible as an announcer. And teamed up with BlacK!! Ouch! This is a major problem with CFL. Just BAD!

its a cfl game. of course I am watching. I will probably switch to the other game at 6:30 tho

Great catches by Green and Edwards for a touchdown Drive!

Don’t mind Smilin’ Hank at all.

I’m completely enjoying Hank.

(and I don’t like him, being a Cats fan and a Simoni fan).

But I have to admit, he is much better than I expected.

He’s having fun, and contributing positively to the broadcast.

I’ve heard this game referred to as the “Toilet Bowl” and the"Unwatchable Game" but both teams seem to be making an effort. Not really surprised to see the boatmen with a lead. I’m sure Pinball pumped them up before the game.
Green is having himself a game - of course - because Walker was the suggested starter for fantasy so I put him in my lineup! And Edwards has both TDs so far. Should have gone with one of them - unless Walker sees more action this half.

Agree - don’t mind him either and he does seem to be yakking a bit less than less week when he seems to talk non-stop! He puts some enthusiasm into it and is certainly knowledgeable about the game and Ottawa in particular.

Arndt is having a bit of a rough night since that opening drive.

I have Gillanders and SJ Green for this game.

game is being played with an edge.

I like it.

Rainey with a huge headhunt.

Antigha with a great pick!

Smart you! I think I had Gillanders in but wasn’t sure he was starting or how he’d do so took him out. Didn’t even consider Green. The “experts” often do not give good advice!

Walker had a couple of catches early but seems to have become “the invisible man”! :frowning:

Actually hard to believe he is a part of tv broadcast. I could say more will not, Just terrible.
I can’t even understand what he says. You must be from Ottawa. CFL can do much much better?

I had Toronto to win and under 48.5 pts on a bet.

Not too happy right now.

Odd to make a second thread because the first didn’t have any traction.

Even odder that it actually worked, and currently has more posts than the original thread.