the game and T marshall

damn you all we won that's good i hope they keep it up? we did get ricky williams and i'm glad for that since i don't like him. Anyways let me ask is the games on the internet every game? I don't live in Canada so i wouldn't beable to see a game that's why i asked that. if anyone went to the game did Torrance Marshall do good? I just wanted to know. But really i want to know if the games are on every week or what not?? later people and good night.. :lol:

Tmarshallgurl1 (no i'm not his girlfriend) just his friend and baby mama..

He's credited with one defensive tackle.

every now and again they'll put a live game video feed on this site, but that isn't often.

but every game will be on the radio, and by extension, on

Thanks guys just wondering if all games were on the the internet. I heard he's name called a few times last night but it wasn't much wonder if they will keep him I do hope so because one football is his passion he loves it.. Well thanks again

Almost all the CFL games can been seen on any Fox Sports regional channels, Comcast, Alltitude channel MSG,NESN which can all be found on Directv or Dish network. Any bar can get these games for you to watch in the USA. some , but not many are shown on tape delay or are shown the next day.Hope that help's we might even play SOONER BOOMer for him.

why mention your his baby's moma every post?

i don't know just said it that's all don't hate on me. and i'm in the US so i don't get alot of that stuff you get up there. i'll just listen to it on the internet..