The Gades will survive.

I look at last weeks game versus the Als is a real turning point in Ottawa Renegades history. Last week was no fluke win. This game It proved to the league that this team will not lay down and die. The Gades owner is a little over the top, but his goal is only to improve the team. I see this team as a young talented group of players that will hit a few bumps in the road. I don't see you guys as contenders this year, but support this team because in the not too distant future the Gades will be hoisting a grey cup. It is now up to the fans of the Gades to step up and do their part, and thats getting your butts to the stadium and watching this scrappy group of players. In order to get the top players in the CFL the owners needs to have people in the seats. If this team doesn't succeed then its your own fault because management has done everything possible for he Gades team.

By the way this is coming from an ALs fan.

Hope your right Pete, this city is hungry for a winner.

ya, cause we know the Sens won't do anything. Go Leafs Go.

Gades, I enjoyed our candid discussion about our Renegades...

But now we must part ways....enemy

Your old "Lafs" are doooomed! The Sens are for sure the team to beat now as we've been playing a la new CBA for years now. There's no way you'll be able to buy your players with the salary cap.... Ha Ha you're screwed!

How can you wear the Gade colors and not have the black/red and white burn your skin!!!??

Don't worry about the Leafs, they still got the finances to suceed, and we have a lot of good young players waiting to get the chance. all we have to do is get rid of pat quinn.

But don't let this end our discussions on the Gades, hockey and football are two different sports.

Common the leafs don't have any good yound players... They've never had to work on that end of the game... And regarding finances - that's just it with the salary cap you can have all the $ you want, you just won't be able to spend it.

The Sens having been grooming they farm team and have been under 40M since day one...

It's gonna be tough on the Leafs to play fair...

Good the board is heating up with hockey talk. Don't worry the Bruins will beat the Sens, and the Leafs. We have the cheapest owner, who anticipated the strike, and has the best position out of any team. We're getting Roenick as soon as the sign the agreement. Put you loonies and twoonies on the Bruins, and thats a fact.

Boston will finally get the cup :smiley:. Look at the trend Patriots, Red Sox, and Bruins, and Celtics in a few years.

The leafs have a lot of good young talent. Stajan, Wellwood, Colaicaovo, Bell, White, Steen and the list goes on. Then you throw in Tucker, Ponikorovsi, Antropov who are all still relatively young. Sundin is only 33. Sure the Sens might have a good team, but a couple of them are getting up in age, and Hasek has also been out of hockey for a year before the lockout happened, is he going to be able to get back to form?

So like i said, no need to worry about the Leafs, they will be just fine.

But it's not even hockey season, so let's get back to football. Big game tonight, i hope it's a good one.

Gades, was there crack in your froot loops this morning???

Sens getting up there in age??? Last I check the avg age for them was somethign like 24???

Dominator took full advantage of the time off working with the goalie coaches and getting his body ready... he's only 39? What about Eddy the eagle???

Cross you fingers and toes for the GADES tonight!!

No crack in the froot loops, it was cheerios :lol:

Eddie will be fine, he’s had a year off to recoup whatever injuries he had. I guess we’ll see what happens when they hit the ice again, which i can’t wait for.

In my original post i said that your win versus the Als was no fluke. I was right there. Then i said, Gades are a scrappy team. Was right again! Then i said that the Gades wouldn't be contenders this year. I'am sorry i was wrong on that prediction. The Gades are the most exciting team in the CFL right now. I don't think they are the best, but i think they can compete with the to tier teams.


The Leafs' heart and soul is gone. All that's left is Tie Domi and the "All-Concussion Team". I foresee a long season for the Marlies, er, Leafs. And no, the Leafs don't have much in the way of youth on the horizon. They have a couple of good, but not great, prospects coming. Not enough to make an immediate impact.

Sens are going to have every key player back. Plus, no Radek Bonk, which is key. As for youth, well, many of our best guys are under 26 (Hossa, Havlat, Spezza, Volchenkov, Fisher), plus guys like Vermette, Eaves, Meszaros and Schubert are expected to push for a spot with the big team.

This cap will affect the Sens, since either Chara or Redden will likely have to go, but not in the same way it will affect TO. The Leafs are basically rebuilding on the fly. That's a tough thing to do right.

I think our goaltending issues are pretty much a wash. Both are risky propositions, but also among the best goalies of this generation.


Peter6625, I think most honest 'Gades fan would admit that they questioned whether the 'Gades would contend this year. Personally, I was just hoping for a competitive team that would have a legitimate shot at 3rd spot in the fall. Their performance this year has been a real pleasant surprise. We really don't know how good they can be. If key guys stay healthy (knock on wood), the 'Gades could definitely do some damage.

Go Gades! Go Sens!