The "Gable Guy"starring C.J.Gable-32!!!

Gone With the Wind, starring C.J. Gable. :cowboy:

The Gable runs in the last 80 seconds last night, when everyone knew he would run, obtaining hard earned first downs, can’t be underestimated. This guy is money!

With only 3 games to go in the season,C.J. currently has 783 yds rushing and 536 yds rec. on the year.He needs 217 yds rushing to achieve 1000 on the year,and 214 receiving to hit 750 in yards in receptions.Broken down in order to accomplish this he needs to avg. 73 yds rushing and 71 yds rec a game for the last 3 on the schedule.I personally think he can accomplish both goals,which would be an amazing rookie season.I think the rushing is a bit more realistic than the receiving,but lets assume he gets the rock an avg of 20 times each game combined rushing and receiving,breaking it down further,lets say 15 rushing attempts,5 passes on avg. he would have to avg.approx 4.8 yds a carry and 14.2 yds per rec. to accomplish this feat.Gable's avg rush per attempt is 6.3 yds on the season,receiving avg per catch is 11.7 yds. on the season.I think he can easily have a 1000 yds rushing on the season,and 750 yds rec as well.Earlier on Ilike many others figured that Ellingson was a lock for Rookie Honors,but with him down with an injury,I have to think that Gable is a total LOCK for this award.Let's hope management can sign this guy up long term,and as soon as possible.

ohhhh my head hurts. (But it is a good hurt). Now that Ellingson has not played the last few games, Gable will be Roty. It was between the two of them after all. :wink: post game interview with C.J. :rockin: :rockin: love it...were you tired C.J.????You were busy!!!! :D :)

and don't forget that Gable has amassed these numbers in only 13 games as he did not play in weeks 3 & 4 vs the Bombers and Saskatchewan respectively.

Pro-rating his stats then over 15 games,his stats would avg out to 903 yds rushing and 618 receiving already for the season.There is no doubt that if he wouldn't have missed these two games,we would be talking about him achieving 1,100 yds plus rushing and close to 800 yds receiving,factor in his kick/punt return yds and he would be over 2000 yds total for the year. Simply amazing stats,from an amazing player......Outstanding Rookie???? Just give him the award right now!!!Cause no one is even remotely close to him this year.

Some other stats on Gable after game 15 (keeping in mind that he didn't even play in a couple of those games in July):

  • #4 in rushing yards - and only 8 yards behind A Harris for #3

  • #23 in receiving yards - but #1 among running backs

  • #3 in yards from scrimmage

  • #2 (tied) in touchdowns. And with 7 rushing TDs and 4 receiving TDs, he's the only player with more than 2 TDs in two different categories.

  • 7 games with runs of 20 yards or more. Compares to 9 for Cornish, 6 for Sheets, 3 for Harris (most recently in July), 2 for Simpson (both against the Cats D before they got good), 1 for Charles (against Cats), 1 for Messam.

  • #3 in rushing average (6.3 yards) behind only Cornish and Kackert.

  • #1 in both spin moves and hurdles. (OK I made that up, but it must be true.)

As for the last point, someone from the Ticat staff (or a fan with extra time on their hands) needs to compile a "best-of" video showcasing CJ's acrobatics from this year. And circulate that video when it's time for Rookie of the Year voting.

I like his chances for that award, but he's got an even greater shot at the East All-Star team - largely because all the other stand-out RBs are from the west.

Great read by Milton on Gable.

[b]Go ahead, take a stab. Guess how far - toward the opponent's goal-line, that is - the average completion from quarterback Henry Burris to tailback CJ Gable actually measures.

Time's up, and you wouldn't have got it anyway.

The answer is a minuscule 2.05 yards and, yes, that decimal point is in the right place.

That tells you a little something about why the Tiger-Cats' rookie running back - not so long ago a major star south of the border - was named the CFL's top offensive player of the week. He takes the ball any way he can get it, then makes people miss.

Heading into that important win over Toronto on Thanksgiving, when he had 118 rushing yards and another 46 in aerials to capture guy-of-the-week kudos, Gable had 41 pass receptions for a commendable 490 yards.

But, as the CFL winnowed out in its weekly report (the updated version is not out until later this week) a whopping 406 of those yards came after he caught the ball. That is the numerical background to Kent Austin's description of the passes to Gable as "long hand-offs."[/b] Highlights.....2013 CFL ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!!!! :rockin: :rockin:


Love that video. Looks like it's over a month old - he's added a few good highlights since then.

Question: Is there any way we could block the video from being viewed in the U.S.? (Or perhaps just block it from NFL scouts)

Tis about a month behind,indeed!!!!These are Hi-lights from first 1/2 of season only :thup: :thup:

As for your Question.......We might be able to FOOL them with this :wink:

:) :) :cowboy: :cowboy: :thup: :thup: :thup: :cowboy: :cowboy: :rockin: :rockin: :lol: :lol: :) :) :wink: :wink: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :P :wink: