The future?

Or they might have driven down the field and won it with a field goal. Grey Cups usually have exciting finishes (except in 2013). If you're going to make the point that BLM cannot win a Grey Cup, you should be a bit more thorough. He put them far enough ahead in 2014 that our late comeback attempt fell short.

And of course his defence helped out quite a bit - which might be the broader point you were making. QBs don't win or lose single-handedly (except in Hamilton).


Can anyone tell me what the "future vision" is for ANY team in this league??

It's not something you're going to make publicto players you're negotiating with and other teams that you're competingagainst for talent.

Just because this statement is not known doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

This team came very close to getting to the playoffs last season despite its poor start. Adding, yes.

Major changes?? Only for those who are obsessed with complaining.

I would call the hiring of June Jones and the promotion of Jeremiah Masoli steps forward.

Some seem to confuse continuity with looking back.....

I guess we`ll never know what impact that return late in the game might have had.

The point I am trying to make, but failing, I guess, is that for all the ability that Mitchell and this team was supposed to have, and all the trumpeting they`ve received, they were not as dominant a team when it mattered the most.


Stamps: Keep the status quo. We have experienced proven staff and personell. Only thing is to fill the gaps of players who want more then we want to give. We are making it to the cup and posting good records. We just keep getting unlucky at the end of the season, so we'll start mixing up how we rest guys then. Grey Cup close by next year, that will benefit us further.

Montreal: Rebuild and overhaul, there is more wrong then right. Our current management has a half season of rope to produce something. Make every team have to pay money then they want to for any free agent of worth and stockpile picks and cap space for when they inevitably need to trim their roster.

Ottawa: Mix up our coaches (which they've already done). We under performed after winning a Grey Cup, and we don't feel it was just because we had a vet QB since we kept most of our players. Maybe some minor personnel tweaks are also in order, so be very aggressive pursuing those key additions.

Toronto: Keep the status quo. We just won the Grey Cup. We have experienced proven staff and personnel. Only thing is to fill the gaps of players who want more then we want to give. Also get a backup QB (which we already have)

Winnipeg: Unsure, but likely push hard in free agency to get some key additions. Get a backup QB.

Saskatchewan: Jones has begun to turn it around. We needed to upgrade at QB and did so. Just some minor key changes and we'll be back in the show.

Edmonton: Adjust to the new guys we got last season and appraise our salary changes as a result. Likely we'll need to make some trades. Also get a backup QB.

BC: Unsure, but likely have our new GM work some magic and see what he gets us. It's a bit of a dice roll, but we've kind of but put there by injuries and coaches/management who just don't seem to be able to replicate Wally.

Hamilton's seems to be: Status quo. Despite failing to make the playoffs last year, having a management staff that was completely inactive during last free agency, stunk like rotten meat for the first half of the season and tried to hire a man involved in a sexual assault coverup, we got a new coach that went 6-4 after management scrambled after NFL cuts and traded away some top talent to Edmonton and a lot of teams looking to be aggressive in free agency. That must mean we're fine. Oh and Johnny Manziel, because everyone gives us media time by chasing him despite us saying last season at the half way point that he wasn't up to snuff.

Well said, Dork. Except Mr 62 probably doesn't understand you're being sarcastic.

Well the management does have $540K in spare change to toss around once FA hits.

That $540K could sign 2 or 3 quality free agents. Unless they blow it all on Manziel.

Well I guess if all you folks think “the future” ends after the 2018/2019 season… so be it.

Some good thoughts here.Also some personal attacks against me from the two long time culprits who must have forgotten that this is a discussion forum. Yet they have no original thoughts of their own and post unfocussed gibberish.

C'mon 62, it's not as bad as all that.

Loading up on draft choices in what is considered a deep draft year seems pretty future oriented to me. You could certainly say bringing in Manziel (if they do) is a fresh approach. In this day and age, with free agency the way it is, long term contracts are a thing of the past, so signing someone for a year or two is the norm. Your vision can't realistically extend much beyond that anyway.

The examples of the future visions of the other teams don't seem too stirring to me... A couple of stand pats, a few tweaks, and one pray for a miracle. Don't even mention Montreal ...

I think we're on a good track, and look forward to an exciting year.

I knew all those bullet points individually...but, seeing them listed together does start the year with something to be positive about.

That is just the start of it. I think the Cats will retool and improve in many different areas. A healthy receiving corps and better Coordinators will help also. If Austin and Tillman earn their paycheck by bringing in quality talent then we will have a great season.

Interesting to note that this forum , until JM’s agent critically responded to the negotiations, showed nothing but love and adoration for this old boy’s club.However, over on 3rd Down Nation there has been general condemnation.This forum can be very close minded.

Speaking of the future, the East - West Shrine Game is coming up this Saturday, Jan 13 , on the NFL Network . Regis Cibasu 6'3" 225 Wide receiver from the Montreal Carabins looks like he might be a player . He's big, fast, good hands, and can block . Cibasu is ranked 8th in the scouting bureau rankings.

An OLineman from the Alberta Golden Bears , Mark Korte, 6' 4" has been chosen to play in the Shrine Gameover David Knevel, OLine Nebraska, Trey Rutherford OLine U Conn, Ryan Hunter OLine Bowling Green , and Peter Godber OLine Rice University . Korte is ranked 12th in the scouting bureau rankings while Knevel, Rutherford, Hunter, and Godber are ranked # 1, 2, 3, 4 . Coincidentally, that happens to be the combination to my luggage .

The TiCats draft picks at #2, 10, 11, 15, and 20 should be able to produce some quality future starters . Picks #28, 56, 62, and 66 might be considered suspects rather than prospects but you never know!

So enjoy the Shrine Game and watch out for Cibasu and Korte !

PatLynch (the old guy)

8)The East/West Shrine game is on the 20th of January, not the 13th !!!

Game held yearly at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.
I have attended the game for the past 4 years, and will be there this year also.

Kind of like you criticizing Austin and not recognizing his accomplishments....pot calling the kettle black here....BIG TIME.

Not sure who has what in way of draft picks but a team shy on # of picks might be interested if the Cats wanted to bundle28, 56, 62, and 66 for a higher or future draft pick.
You can only take so many new Nationals in any one season. Another option of course is to select a player that has already signed as a FA with an NFL team with the thought that you will have to wait on them.

Thing is, it's not something the team advertises, but rather others assume from their activities.

Because a team is inactive for a time, doesn't necessarily mean they are keeping status quo. Perhaps, they are waiting on certain players, talking quietly with other GM's, looking at other leagues (NFL, NCAA) for replacements, scouting (bowl games). This takes time.

mr62cats with all due respect it is you who appears close-minded. Surely you must have noticed the improvement the Cats displayed from Labour Day forward. It actually seemed more like an experiment with Jones and Masoli to see what we might have for the future. It seemed to work so now imagine some further tweaking and re-tooling in the off-season to address any deficiencies. It can only get better in 2018.

As far as the old boys club goes, if Bob Young fires everybody top to bottom, then the new chiefs will just bring in their preferred coaches, friends, associates. Then you will have a "NEW" old boys club.

Austin and Tillman seem to be on a course correction so I would give them one more season to correct the ship. Then if 2018 proves to be dismal we can all bring out our pitchforks again. 8)

Thanks for the correction Tipper . My badness.