The future?

So here we are. 2018. Yet it appears the same old boy's club is still running the show. Mitchell, Austin and Tillman.
June Jones served his purpose last season.But I see no talk about a future vision for this team.
Looks so far it looks like the same old. Austin's time is up.
I would like to see a new, young HC and new blood in the GM's job who can come up with a vision for the future of this team.
This would be a great year to make some major changes.
All we seem to be doing now is looking into the rear view mirror.
Anyone else feel this way?

Back to the glory days 2004-08. When major changes, new vision, new blood and outside the box thinking roamed free.


I'm looking forward to seeing Jones' full offence rather than just the previous regime's version of some of his plays.

Do you want Bob Young gone as well?

There’s no complaining in the world that will drive Young to do as you ask. It’s his team, his money, his organization. These are not stupid people. All with experience in the CFL which is critical.
I think we should stick to complaining about coaching on down ?

I don't feel like you do, mr62cats. I'm quite optimistic about the direction of the team. While I do like to see the younger generation of leaders getting a chance and doing well (that's happening with Jeremiah Masoli), I also think June Jones is a breath of fresh air as coach. I look forward to a fun and exciting year.


don't feel like that at all.

in fact, I see the clearest direction I've seen in a very long time.

All we seem to be doing now is looking into the rear view mirror.
Anyone else feel this way?


I am so stoked to see how this team is going to be re-built for 2018 by this upper management.
Fantastic moves so far by Austin and Tillman and staff
Why look in the rearview mirror when there is so much to look forward to!
Free Agents will be wanting to sign with June Jones in February
The 5 draft picks in the top 20 will build our NAT ratio and I have full confidence in the ASST GM's that do our scouting

Grover: I was accusing THE TEAM of looking in the rear view mirror.Every organization needs to look ahead.I don't see that happening.Band-Aid solutions are not good enough.

Mr. 62, it seems the team is looking forward to me

We are 5 days into the new year and already have coming for a full season

  • a New Starting QB
  • a New H/C
  • a New RB
  • 5 new high end prospects coming to camp from the draft
  • $540K in new found Cap space to spend on high end F/A's

And I see you're back whining and complaining as usual....

Not a chance ... what everybody else said pretty much. Considering this team was 0-8 last year, I couldn't be happier with how quickly we've rebounded.

Austin was the main issue as Head Coach last season, it's plain as day in hindsight. But he is making all the right decisions as President and that began with the firing of himself and the hiring of June Jones. People really don't give him credit for how humbling an experience that must've been, especially when June takes over and everything turns around almost overnight - not to mention the shots he took in the media.

Austin still has the ship moving in the right direction, and I truly believe everybody in the front office wants nothing more than to shut us all up with a Grey Cup victory - they know how to count back to 1999 and understand what it'd mean to this city.

Will it happen? Who knows, but it's nice to see the majority of the fan base feels rejuvenated after a rough 2017 - it was a ghost town for a while around here.

Look no further than a short drive down the QEW as to why you don't have to look into the future too far in the CFL.A couple free agents and a hot QB and you win the Grey Cup. There's no reason we can't win the Grey Cup next year.

This is exactly why I have never grown attached or emotional over a QB - they all recycle around the CFL. One will always become available. In the years that Glenn, Burris, Collaros all posted huge numbers we didn't win the Grey Cup and it wasn't because of QB play.

Many have extolled the virtues of Bo Levi Mitchell, yet twice they've shown up for the Grey cup only to lose to teams that were not supposed to beat them.

It's not just the quarterback that is a factor.

While there's a kernel of truth to that, this year is partly explained by the fact that Mitchell was playing with a shoulder and elbow that both require off-season surgery.

who? Who do you want replacing/inserted into this staff? Is there someone in mind, or do you just want to see some youth for the sake of youth.

I'd almost get behind you if you were asking for some sort of kyle dubas situation, where the organization takes an up and comer in and grooms them with the rest. but it seems like you just want change and shake up with no real game plan after that.

Congratulations on blocking 2014 out of your memory. I wouldn't mind doing the same, but the fact remains that we don't have any more favourable memories to replace it. Maybe someday soon.

I don't feel like that either, I hate seeing Zac go, but I get it was a move that almost was a must make. I've never felt Austin had to leave, and I feel very comfortable knowing we have some good CFL people minding the shop.

I think the team has stemmed it's bleeding from last year, because of the personnel scramble it had to engage in due to a lacklustre free-agency and a failure to evaluate talent at the start of the season.

Do I think we're going to the cup as it stands right now? No. At best, we're back to being a 50 team who gets by because the East is weak at best, and more likely a miss the playoffs due to crossover. The team needs more depth at O.line, a marquee Canadian receiver (sorry but Fantuz doesn't have a lot of time left) and a reliable backup QB who won't be a constant media distraction as I don't know what our current 2nd stringers look like. It would also be great if for once we actually got one of the top rushers in the league and a solid DB. I think the fact that only Reinbold lost his job over 0-8 and Art Briles is absurd.

Given that Edmonton has several possible managers we could have poached, or one from Calgary. I think Junes has earned rope, but we'll see what he does. We still don't have an OC and if we have another season where we sit on our hands during free agency we'll suffer for it, even if you manage to retain most of your guys.

Yes Pat, but for the sake of a bad penalty call, they might have lost that game too!!!!