This franchise is in trouble.

The owner has no clue. If you were to purge a jellyfish into a vacuum and show me what’s left, there would be more spine than Bob Young has when it comes to making proper management decisions for this team. HE shifts it all to Scott Mitchell yet won’t consider replacing him.

Scott pushed through the 2nd worst deal in history when he allowed Kent Austin to take on too many roles. When that lead to disaster Scott doubled down and did it again with Orlondo. Coach O is a guy who does not even know the rules of the CFL. He doesn’t know when to (or not to) throw a challenge flag. He doesn’t understand the perils of having your kick returner the same guy as a starting DB. He doesn’t grasp the importance of a kicker. His team is ALWAYS undisciplined and underprepared. We’ve seen the sample. He’s awful. Not only should he be fired as coach… he should be GONE FROM THE ORGANIZATION. ORLONDO IS THE CANCER! WHY IS HE HERE?

This will continue until the stands are half empty and the team is in peril of moving to another city. And if it does, that new owner and city will be smarter (because a bag of wet socks is smarter than our owner and management) and that new city will thrive. I don’t want to see this. I will buy 2 season tickets for 5 years if Orlondo is fired before the end of the season. I’d rather watch a rebuild than this imbecile screw up another game.

This is unwatchable garbage. GROW A PAIR, BOB!


I’ve said this many times. In an attempt to keep stability Scott Mitchell has given football coaches too many hats and way too much power.

Stein getting the front office Presidents title was one of the biggest mistakes in franchise history. He had absolutely zero front office experience and like Kent Austin, will take the fall as a coach for the decisions he made as the player personnel leader.


Again. I blame the owner. At any time he can change this. But he’s a brainless cup of pudding when it comes to football


No, he has said since day one that he is not a hands on owner, he is the caretaker he pays the bills.
They hire football guys to make the football decisions.


so where are these football guys you speak of?


Who made the decision to give Stein the President title and total control over football operations?

If it was Scott Mitchell there’s no chance that wasn’t run by Young and the Board as certainly came with a nice pay increase.


Football guys? I guess the three GM’s didn’t get the memo the season started three games ago.


they were preparing for the prom

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This is the CFL east, it ain’t over till they lose the crossover😵‍💫, clearly from post game comments the HC is clueless as to what needs fixing, and the player choices he made need to be corrected, like someone posted the buy week is the time to make coaching changes, we will see.

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