The future of the CFL

Problem with CBC is, they suck. After leading the way in the early days of sports broadcasting (40's to late 50's) they became a cold hearted corp with no regard to fans or the leagues competitiveness. Routinely ignoring important games or last minute bumping of regional coverage, TSN was like a godsend in CFL content when they came in to the picture.


TSN was like a godsend in CFL content when they came in to the picture.

I love TSN for watching CFL, but come on Bell, just for one game a year put the big game on your full CTV network.
I am curious for the actual logistical and business reasons that they decide not to do this. There must be a reason that makes business sense to them.
I also think that they are happy with the 4 Million people that do tune into the Grey Cup. It is consistently one of the most watched shows on Canadian TV every year.

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As I said above it's a business decision. People seem to miss the point that there are probably 26 MILLION or so TSN/RDS subscribers that are NOT watching the Grey Cup
Why sell the Grey Cup to non-sports fans when they can't sell it to the vast majority of existing subscribers.
It wouldn't hurt to put it on CTV but I can see why they don't do it.

The NFL and Super Bowl on Canadian TV is a completely different situtation. The US stations are all available on cable/satellite/over the air, if it wasn't on CTV Canadian viewers would just watch the US stations and there would be zero revenue for CTV.

It takes a change in leadership to change the mindset.

The CBC should be a private broadcast network.


Fixed your post btw :laughing:

The Super Bowl and Grey Cup do exactly the same thing they garner fans they don't normally get .

That is why the advertising is worth more .

One Sunday in November should be all about Canada and Football .
NFL is in full operation in November . NFL receives no competition in Canada for football in February .

Its all about US and Football that day .

At that point of the Championship Grey Cup game the advertising dollar is worth more than anyone who would subscribe to TSN for just ONE game .

Not sure anybody does that in Canada .

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Now that I've thought of it, I think I may have even read somewhere that the CFL's tv contract is held specifically with CTV Specialty, and it so it would be in that regard that allows TSN exclusive rights to show CFL games.

A reminder from what I mentioned earlier (either in this thread or another one) - TSN is part of CTV Specialty, which is 80% owned by Bell Media, and 20% by ESPN.

This is different from the main CTV network, which is 100% owned by Bell Media.

Of course I'd love for the Grey Cup to be on CTV.

But as has been mentioned before, the biggest TV draws in Canada on a routine basis are US TV dramas, comedies and reality shows. While preempting those for the Grey Cup would get a greater Grey Cup viewership, I think Bell prefers to have their sizable TSN audience in addition to the healthy regular Sunday night US TV programming on CTV.

Those programs don't go up against SuperBowl so CTV follows suit and airs SuperBowl.

An unfortunate dynamic in the realm of Canadian broadcasting.

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Thank you. This is the only explanation that makes sense to me. Bell gets to have it's cake and eat it to, with 2 large sets of demographics and advitisers being looked after at the same time.

Usually CTV Sunday night is ugh programming like this Sunday reruns , Big Bang , Holmes on Homes stuff , Master chef Canada not really anything that can't be shown on CTV 2 if had to be moved or just moved to another date .

I think the extra money for a high number event like a Grey Cup could garner more money nationally .

CTV or Bell media want the focus on TSN which helps it's awareness but it doesn't help the CFL the same way . They do the same with the world juniors .

Not sure this gives the CFL it's proper value when the game is a showcase event that requires the national sponsors and advertisers get the most bang for the buck . IMO .

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CFL is undervalued a on TSN. While TSN did wonders for the CFL, the CFL made a mistake by not letting CBC make a bid for the 2008 season.

I do understand the reason behind that decision (CFL on CBC 2005 with no commentating because of the strike) but it's better to have another network bidding to get the maximum number of dollars for your product.


or even if CTV doesn't want it on their national feed allow TSN to use CBC for Grey Cup Sunday and get the same deal Rogers does with the NHL where CBC gets to advertise it's shows .

The advertisers /sponsors would love it and that's who you cater to that one game .

Get those casual fans and maybe some who they lost years ago to give the CFL game a look see when they look at the menu that day .

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Good points all along the thread


Says alot about the faith people have in the CFL if people on a message board believe there's this many missed opportunities for revenue and that the league hasn't explored any of these very original and unique ideas (two broadcasters and streaming)


For the most part, they're mistaken.

occams razor

It's very satisfying to take a problem we thought difficult and find a simple solution. The best solutions are always simple.