The future of Jason Maas

I have a feeling that with some decent receivers, and an OC with the right offensive system, Maas is capable of having a season similar to his with the Esks in '04. Without a "go-to guy" like Tucker, Cahoon, Simon, or Stegall, there was no way that Maas could succeed in Hamilton last year. With the addition of a receiver or two who can consistently make catches, and have over 1000 yards receiving, I have a feeling that there will be a BIG surprise next season, as Maas will be one of the top 4 qbs next season.

Absolutely Esks, What Hamilton Needed Last Year Was A Season To Get Into A Groove. I Think Of Them In The Same Sort Of Position That Calgary Was In A Few Years Back. By Adding Burris And Copeland And Giving Them A Few Seasons To Gel Has Made Calgary A Force To Be Reaconed With And The Best Offense In The League. All They Need Is To Have Faith Next Season And Allow The Team To Get Into A Comfort Zone And They'll Make The Playoffs.

ENOUGH CAPS!!! lol..

If Hamilton can find some decent receivers, through free agency or the draft, Maas can be an elite QB in this league. Hamilton did not have any kind of a running game last year either, but Lumsden looks like he set to become a force , and if they use Corey Holmes properly. Maas has to relax , it seemed he was trying to do everything last year, maybe too much pressure to perform. Once he relaxes and is comfortable , look for the Cats to become a contender in the East.

...I believe Maas was hurt more than a lot of people were willing to let on.....the off-season should fix that up...unless he has a chronic condition...i look for him to have a far better year in 07 under a new coach ...hes such a great competitor...he'll turn things around... :wink:

did anyone else know ranek had a CAREER ENDING injury last season and is done?

there wasn't much made of this.

hamilton is where u go to have your career killed. ( maas, vaughn, ranek, holmes )

Injured or not, Hamilton's running game was terrible all season long, even when Ranek was healthy. If the Cats can find a couple of good receivers, they will be better ,now the the running game seems to be improved with Lumsden.

Are you serious ranek cant play anymore!?

thats what i big articles on it, but word is, his career is was just a small blip in an article from the hamilton spectator.

So many things were wrong in Hamilton last year that I think Maas deserves a clean slate and a second chance to prove himself. Yes, he had a dreadful year, but so did the whole team, the coaching staff, and management (taking over a year to hire a real GM? hiring Paopao as OC? never using Holmes properly?).

If they can establish a good ground game with Lumsden and Holmes, Maas should have more time to find receivers. Flick and Ralph have to have good years. Vaughn needs to see the ball a lot more. And Maas has to stay calm in the pocket, not run around like a frightened rabbit.

That's Really Too Bad, He Was My Favourite Running Back And One Of My Favourite IMPs To Watch. I Wondered What Happend And Why We Have Seen Him At All This Year.

Can't believe Ranek is gone. First i've heard of this too. Was one of my favourite backs.

Can someone please get me a link to this article or something im really interested in reading it.

im scared that i can posibly not play anymore

I really thought Mass and Vaughn would be a strength in Hamilton last year. Very dissapointing.

I think Maas will rebound and be a top-level QB next season. He just has too much talent to be that unproductive again next year. Look at the way he played against Edm this season? He has all the tools he just has to get his head straight. The Cats should go after Copeland and revamp their receiving corp.

Well I think Maas is a highly overated QB, ie., the guy is a bum, and I was still surprised at how awful he was this year.
Some are suggesting he was more seriously hurt than was let on, but I suggest that is just looking for excuses.
The reality is, the organization dissolved around him, the talent wasn't there and even good players like Ranek and Holmes were hurt much of the year.
I actually picked Hamilton for second this year, with Montreal out of the play-offs, so this isn't just pick on Maas day.
But I don't think he was an upgrade over Danny Mac, who was not the problem in 2005. But I did think a fresh face, and younger legs would revitalize the team and bring more consistancy.
But once the poor decision to fire Marshall was made, the team simply came apart at the seams, exposing every weakness in talent, with no coach to rally to.
I love Ronny, but he had no chance to turn things around, though he actually, miraculously, at least got the ship pointed in the right direction by seasons end.

I haven't heard anything supporting the belief that Ranek is done, but anything is possible. He certainly won't be a Ticat next year.
But don't expect to build an offence next year around a resurgent Terry Vaugn. He defines the term "long in the tooth". He might be back as a role player, but don't be stunned if he retires.

Hamilton actually has some good young talent on defence, and are only a couple of players short on offence, so there is hope for next year.
After all, the Ticats are in first place!!

I think Maas Will End up Being Released after Camp.
I feel he Washed up with Shoulder Problems..
Hamilton should be trying to Land Printers..

Maas is a Never was as a Starter..
He The Footsteps Felco of the CFL..:lol:

[/img] :lol: