The future of Damon Allen

I have a feeling he'll sign as a backup qb for Toronto.

If he was smart, Allen would just retire. He has the all-time passing yards record, an MOP award and 2 or 3 three GC victories(dont know exactly how many), what more can you accomplish in your career? Bow out gracefully, Damon.

...Unless Allen takes on a coaching role of some kind...i think he's done....Its time for Damon to pull the plug....He's had a great career....his age has finally caught up with him...Time to hang em' up.... :thup:

I hope he walks away gracefully and isn't one of these guys who hangs on too long and makes a fool of himself

I think he should retire. I remember watching him play in my Elementary school days and I'm well into my 30's! He kept his skill set longer than most but it is time. If he will or not is another question...