The Future of Alouette Quarterbacking

I thought this deserved its own thread, rather than taking the Alouettes/Edmonton thread way off topic.

I believe that when the Als become an elite team again, by which I mean consistently being first or second in the east and winning an eastern final to go to the Grey Cup, our quarterback will not be someone who is on the current roster.

So where will our next elite quarterback come from? Let’s look to the future and park any repetitive beating of dead horses.

My first suggestion is that I’d avoid looking to bring in a CFL retread such as Dane Evans, Matt Schiltz, Trevor Harris, Nick Arbuckle et al (even if they become available). I see that as treading water rather than improving.

I’ve previously in another thread suggested that a fair number of quarterbacks might become available because the XFL/USFL merger is going to result in a reduced number of spring teams.

Another suggestion I’ll make; depending on contract status, how about we take a look at some younger backups in the CFL who haven’t really had a chance to show what they’ve got? I’m thinking of Tommy Stevens in Calgary; Tyrie Adams in Ottawa; or Bryan Scott in Toronto. Don’t know that any of them have more potential than Davis Alexander, but we could take a look.

Scott in particular intrigues me; he’s buried in Toronto, and yet he was penciled in to be a starter in the USFL two seasons back but a serious injury derailed his USFL career. So there might be something worthwhile there to look at.

And of course, third option is to find some hotshot US college QB overlooked by the NFL.

All that said, remember what my quarterback musings are worth; I’m the past president of the Stanley Jackson fan club, and am the fellow who predicted great CFL careers for Rocky Butler and Joey Elliott. And then of course there was Sandy Stephens. . .

So, what other suggestions do you have?

As has been mentioned several times by myself and others, we would like to know where Davis Alexander stands with the organization.

Do they believe he has a CFL future or is he just a 3rd stringer with a clipboard?


A challenge I see is that PKP has undertaken a project to rebuild the fanbase … not certain the risk of turning the team over to a CFL-unproven QB fits into that scenario … a Fajardo-like veteran can MANAGE the offence and ride a strong defence to the playoffs … BUT, it is important to find a young/younger QB to develop and then commit to their development, which means they have to get something more than short yardage reps and garbage time over the course of the season.

I agree … but I-M-O they also need to find another youngster or two to compete with him for the “developmental QB” role.

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Je suis d’accord que les Alouettes évaluent réellement en 2024 le potentiel de D. Alexander mais qu’il y est aussi de la compétition en engageant des nouveaux qa:

  • des qa agents libres en 2024 de la CFL,
  • des qa agents libres ou qui finissent leur carrière universitaire
  • en choisissant un qa lors du repêchage de la CFL 2024.
    Dans la liste de 10 noms fournie par la CFL, sur des joueurs inscrits sur les listes de négociation de chaque club, il y avait trois (3) qa, sur celle des Alouettes. Mais cette liste n’est pas exhaustive.
    C. McNamara qa université Iowa
    EJ Perry qa université Brown, agent libre
    L. Scott Je., université Incarnate Word, agent libre
    Avec la qualité du personnel des opérations football et la stabilité du club, les Alouettes vont s’assurer d’avoir une réelle compétition en 2024 pour le poste de qa.

I don’t think we can really know what the future of Als quarterbacking is going to be. As fans we want assurance and certainty, but there are no guarantees. Winnipeg had no QB until they signed Collaros. Toronto won a Grey Cup with MBT. Maier was supposed to be the heir apparent in Calgary and that flopped. Trevor Harris’s season is done. At this time last year, no Als fan thought Cody Fajardo would end up in a Montreal uniform.

I’ll be curious to see the game plan next year, though. I’m sure Maciocia understands the urgency.

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I’d be watching every Usport and Junior game I could.

i’d scout DIV 2 and NAIA heavily

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I’m totally on board with that. Which is why I was significantly less than impressed with Maas leaving Fajardo in to the end of the Edmonton game.

Bonne idée de MadJack d’avoir ouvert cette rubrique.

Revenant à ce que GHT120 expose, le danger de cette approche, c’est que Fajado si ne livre pas au niveau requis pour faire progresser l’équipe parmi les meilleures, la base de supporteurs ne grandira pas. Mark Weightman l’a dit au début de sa dernière embauche : la rentabilité passe par la victoire. La victoire, ce n’est pas seulement vaincre les équipes en désolation; il faut aussi être capable de gagner contre les meilleures. Jusqu’à maintenant, les Alouettes n’ont pas prouvé qu’ils en sont capables. Donc, est-ce que garder Fajardo mènera à ce qui est recherché? Pour l’instant, on ne peut pas dire qu’on voit ça poindre à l’horizon.

Je suis d’accord avec MadJack qu’il ne serait probablement pas utile de regarder du côté de certains quarts qui ont émergé ces dernières années sans montrer de signe de progression réelle. D’un autre côté, Adams nous a montré cette année que si on trouve la bonne attaque pour maximiser les qualités d’un quart, la situation peut devenir très différente. Il y a du pour et du contre, mais j’ai tendance à voir les choses du même oeil que Madjack à ce propos.

Parmi les quarts que je regarderais, Cameron Dukes en un qui m’intrigue beaucoup. Avec le dernier contrat de Kelly, il est peut-être un candidat qui serait intéressé à considérer d’autres offres. L’échantillon de son jeu est mince, certes mais je lui ai trouvé beaucoup d’aplomb pour ce que j’ai vu de lui. Certes, il évolue dans un bon système offensif avec un jeu au sol efficace, mais il n’a pas paru perdu dans ses lectures et a somme toute bien fait.

Je ne dis pas qu’on doive envoyer aux poubelles les jeunes quarts que nous avons. Comme notre ami Idealsheldon, j’aimerais beaucoup savoir ce qu’Alexander a dans le ventre. Je suis bien prêt à donner une chance à Evans, mais j’ai moins d’espoir de son côté. Si on pouvait amener Dukes à Montréal en compétition avec nos jeunes, je pense qu’on pourrait avancer de ce côté.

Il me semble clair que Fajardo ne sera pas ce quart qui permettre à l’équipe d’aller plus loin, et on trouve un Mike Pringle peut-être une fois par 2 générations. Donc, il serait peut-être temps que les Alouettes recherchent un quart vétéran non pas pour être la figure de proue, mais pour mouler des jeunes quarts et les faire progresser vers le sommet. Un moment donné, il faudra donner une vraie chance à un de ceux-là pour se faire une vraie idée.

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All pretty good points LeStaf.

Dukes I didn’t consider, I think the Argos are happy with him at #2 so I doubt they’d let him go. . . Kelly might get injured. That’s why I signalled Scott as I think he might be looking for a new opportunity and I believe there might be something there.

Fajardo I don’t see as being a cerebral qb that could bring along an understudy and help in his development. I could be wrong.

Now if we bring along a young qb with a view to eventually having him become the starter, to be successful it might involve a change in coaching responsibilities.

As things stand now, AC is the OC but Maas calls the plays. Both Maas and AC were drop back passers. If we intend to bring along a mobile young qb who can be effective running (think a Tre Ford type), we might want to look at making some changes there.

We cannot try to fit a round peg into a square hole. With a more mobile QB we’d need a new OC and give him playcalling responsibilities.

AC could move back to being qb coach and be on the sidelines. I have no problem with our OC being up in the spotter’s booth. . . it works out quite well for Maksymic in BC and Pierce in Winnipeg.

But since AC never liked to have to call his own plays when he was a player, I doubt he’d have any interest in calling the plays himself as a coach; however taking away the play calling duties from Maas might be a bit more problematic.

Call me crazy (starting now…) but I think Mtl should make a play for Shiltz. He has a pretty good arm, is mobile and isn’t that old. I think he is gettable with a promise of an open competition for QB1 here. I think he is better than CF and has potential to keep growing.


I think they could entice Dru Brown.

I think it’s a moot point debating whether the Als should replace Fajardo with another similar veteran QB. I don’t see Maciocia/Maas moving on from Fajardo next season unless he completely wets the bed in the playoffs and there is an outcry.

At the same time the team obviously has to have its eye on the future.

That’s the #1 option I would try

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He has shown well sometimes and not others. Smaller sample size.

Only thing is I think he’s only a year younger than Cody. And like Cody, he is a one-read QB.

But really, what I’d like is for the team to have a starting QB who fits the offensive philosophy of Maas and Calvillo. No point in getting a mobile QB if the coaches are just going to force him to be a pocket-passer. That’s kind of why Harris interests me. At 37, he wouldn’t be more than a short-term option, but he could mentor our younger QBs while still keeping us competitive. Harris is exactly the kind of quick-release QB that Maas and AC seem to prefer.

I like what I saw from him and he’s coming from a great organization. He’s gonna be a FA after this season so he’s someone we need to considered

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The good news is that this offseason, we are a vastly more attractive destination for free agents than we were last year. New, stable ownership, coming off a winning season, with many great young players breaking out and talent everywhere on the roster.

Honestly, I think we have the supporting cast to win a Grey Cup. What we need is an upgrade at QB and more consistency at kicker. We fix those two things and we are right up there with the Torontos and Winnipegs of the league.


If I’m Dru Brown, MTL would surely be high on my list.

An other point that need to be considered, it’s that Montreal is probably the funniest place to leave during the summer in Canada


OK … that’s crazy … I-M-O he would be *** AT BEST *** a lateral move … and at 31 come December 7th I don’t see him as either a QB of the future or a possible mentor … I don’t think he has ever won the starters’ job in either Montral or Hamilton over his 6 CFL seasons.