"The Future is Now" - Cohon (re: NHL lockout)

Commissioner Cohon discusses the opportunity allocated to the CFL in the advent of an NHL lockout...


If there ever were a perfect time for NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman to call a lockout, this is it.
So said CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon here Friday.

“You don’t want to take advantage of another league, especially the one which is the No. 1 sport to Canadians. But there is certainly opportuInity here.
“Because most of our initiatives leading to the 100th Grey Cup are kicking in right now, the timing involved really magnifies that opportunity,? he said

Cohon said they’ve had preliminary discussions on special NHL lockout strategies.
“We’ve talked about tweaking our schedule to take advantage of the situation in terms of TV ratings for one thing,? he said.
“After 10 games our average attendance is 28,348 — up 1,000 fans a game from this time last year. Our TSN ratings are up four per cent. And ratings for the key demographic of males 18-34 are up 38%,? he said.

the future is very much now for the CFL, especially with the NHL being kind enough to clear the track to make way for the stretch run of this special season.[/b]

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I hope Cohon is right on this one, I really do.

The NHL has gotten far too arrogant, there is no reason they could not have run this season under the existing CBA as the union suggested, until the negotiations were done. Say whatever you want about how much the players or the owners should be paid, the union offered to play for the same rate that has made the league as a whole profitable and the league said no.

i'm curious what 'tweeking the schedule' means?
different start times?

Saturday evening games when HNIC would have been?

How about showing some games on the main CTV network, to include the playoffs and GC.

That would be nice, but I don't see how an NHL lockout would make that happen, as hockey it not aired on CTV.

I also wonder what "tweaking the schedule" means.

Looking at the current schedule, there are a few saturday's games that could be played later at night; a few games in Alberta could be changed from 16 or 19 hours to 20 or 21 hours; the TV audience would be greater. I hope it does happen.


Lockout makes no difference to me. I stopped watching the NHL after the last labour dispute, and haven't gone back. Got seasons tickets to my local WHL team, and the hockey is better, I'm not putting my hard-earned money into the pockets of millionaires, and best of all, there's not Toronto Maple Leafs.

Let Bettman run the NHL into the ground for all I care.

I'm with ya. I was a season ticket holder but I lost interest in the NHL when they went to the 5-man overtime and moved the goal line 6 feet closer to the blue line, for some reason. Then they went to the shootout and I haven't watched a regular season game since. Now with the Eurostyle no-hit no-fight no-try-too-hard-just-couldn't-get-it-going-tonite kind of hockey they've made a mockery of the game. Coupled with the ridiculous salaries and schedule to pack in 3 or 4 games a week, the NHL is now for the birds...or Generation Y who don't know any better.

The CFL is the only TV sport that can captivate my attention. I've watched virtually every CFL game since the mid-70's. I can listen to the NFL in the background while doing something else, but that's about it as far as sports goes today.

Not sure the CFL could alter the start times in many games at this point in time. Perhaps moving an afternoon game on Saturday to 7:00 pm eastern in October...to capitalize on the lack of HNIC.