The funny moment of the Grey Cup game

Trying to find a reason to smile this morning, I just remembered the Grey Cup funniest's moment:

Third quarter. The Alouettes face 3rd and 1 to go. They will go for it. On the sideline, we see Ted White get his helmet on. He waits for Calvillo to come back. But no. Calvillo stays there and get the yard needed. White takes his helmet off. End of all the action he saw.


Poor bastard!

sorry Ro and Jm02, but that had to be said.

yeah i notice that too. Poor Ted :lol:

The funniest is when Maciocia took off his head set.Then he was jumping up and down that his team won.OOOOOPS it was only second down.They had one more play.Now that was funny!!!!!

......and the crying, and the hands to his face he can't beleive it, and the running around trying to find his wife and kids......dude, you got like this opportunity to be really cool, walk across the field and shake hands with your idol/nemesis and show the league you mean freakin business.......but I guess what we got was more entertaining......

I would have loved to see Montreal get a first down.......Maciocia would have filled his drawers.

Man, I would have paid big money to see the Alouettes score the winning TD right after Maciocia made a fool of himself.

That's exactly what he did when the Esks lost a game to the Riders on a blocked FG. He was already celebrating when victory got blocked by Omar Morgan. His balls must have shinked badly.

And another thing that was disgusting was how he all planned his "picture shots". Step one, down on his knees faking to cry. Good shot for the press. Then, he gets back up (and we see he wasn't really crying because his hot-air balloon of a face is all dry. He runs to his family and try to get his kids on the field. But he has to ask about 20 times before his dauther gets down there (maybe he should have save the kneeling for his plea to get some family love... and just how does he keep control of 40 grown-up guys when he can't get his own kids on the field?) And then, on arm raised, holding his daughther, he said "his line": "Eskimos don't quit. Never stop believing in the Eskimos". He was as talented as Ben Affleck in Reindeer Games.

Daaahh... it was a shame to end a good TV show like that with such disgrace.


Your team put out a great effort and deserve alot of credit for
entertaining all of Canada. It was definetely a classic game.

I take back all the bad things I ever said about Calvillo, he's a real
gamer and a future hof.

So you sayin' Maciocia is some kind of nerd or something?

wow, I'm suprised the al's fan is Dissin so hard on the little guy with a big heart from La Belle Provance...That dance your referring to was pretty fruity though. Pixie dust for everyone from our favorite little elf of a head coach.

Yes, that Maciocia thing was funny and could have been even funnier as mentioned.
But you have to love his enthusiasm, he'll learn the hard way but you have to give him credit, his boys played for him when it counted and that is that.

Even funnier was watching all that green and gold ticker tape raining down on the EE while they hoisted the silverware...

I wonder what any one of us would have done? Let's face it, he knew it was over. Can't blame the guy. I liked his emotion.

....the funniest moments of the when the camera got right up close and panned the Dons nose....where did all of that purple come from.....and when Danny Maciocia went dancing on to the field like some dancer out of Swan Lake....before the game had officially ended.....funny to me as a Bomber fan.....but not if I were an Al's fan.... :o

I thought it was also funny that Machachie put his headset back on for the final play, just so he could rip it off again. That was great!

I also enjoy listening to Brian Williams and Steve Armitage who pose riveting questions like (to Jason Tucker I believe) “How good does this Grey Cup win feel?” and “Were you disappointed that Ricky Ray wasn’t replaced by Jason Maas?”. As if Tucker is going to respond by saying “Actually these Grey Cup wins are getting old, and Ricky Ray really stunk out there, he really made me work for my TD reception!”

I also thought it was funny when Steve Armitage mentioned he looked at Jason Maas and Maas rolled his eyes, meaning that he was upset about not getting into the game. I thought maybe he was rolling his eyes because he realized that he was going to be bombarded by stupid questions by Armitage.